Saturday, 9 March 2019

WEEKLY RECAP | Shiny, Happy & New

The Intro Part

Well, let me start by saying that this week has been a much better week all round. As I said in my last Weekly Recap post, my friend had tipped me off on a social hostel, so my unlucky unsocial streak came to an end. And just in time. I wrote about how not being able to talk to anyone for over a week affected me in this week’s first travel post. I also wrote about how I’m trying to mix up Instagram to make it fun again.

The Travel Part

I am still making my way around the islands in the Gulf of Thailand. I am so happy I decided to extend my time on the islands instead of going back to Chiang Mai. 

I started the week in Koh Phangan; I hung out in a hammock, watched the sunset from a bar up a hill, danced at a reggae bar, ate authentic Thai food at the market and chilled on secluded beaches. And, most importantly, I got to talk to somany people and make new travel friends. I stayed in the same hostel for four nights in a row, it was good to slow things down and stay in the same place for longer than a night or two, after a few weeks of moving around a fair bit.

Then, I took a (delayed) ferry to Koh Tao, the beautiful, idyllic, drop dead gorgeous Koh Tao. I have fallen head over heels for this island already. It has such a relaxed vibe, alongside some absolutely unbelievable scenery. The first day I had to do a lot of freelance work, so I didn’t get chance to explore. But I’ve made up for it since then. I’ve gone to a few view absolutely stunning view points, watched some incredible sunsets and made new friends.

The Reading Part

Still making my way through the Harry Potter books. I am on the Order Of The Phoenix, one of my faves. I’ve made a list of some books I want to read I’ve finished the series. If you have any recommendations, please drop them in the comments below. 

In terms of blogs, these are some I’ve read this week: Eleanor Graceful’s post on with tips on how to afford to travel frequently, including not being afraid to go somewhere new, lots of travel sites, free walking tours and how to save up cleverly; Georgie’s post on how to plan a trip to Thailand, including all the important pre-trip things to do (visas, vaccines, etc), how to plan your route and how to decide how long to stay; Sarah’s posts on the Instagrammable spots in Myanmar and the best of Myanmar travel (very relevant as I head there next week), including where’s best for city life, beaches and boat trips. Have you read any good posts this week? Drop them in the comments box, I’m looking for new blog to add to my bookmarks folder.

The Media Part

I watched “Isn’t It Romantic”, which arrived on Netflix this week. Rebel Wilson plays an architect in New York who hits her head, making her life turn into a rom-com movie. The movie basically pokes fun at all the unrealistic and stereotypical moments in rom-coms. I didn’t love the movie, but I didn’t hate it. It was fun and easy watching, but very forgettable.

I started Umbrella Academy and I love it! I saw lots of ‘Number 5 is our fave’ posts before I watched and, well, number 5 is pretty great. I watched four episodes in one day, I think this is one I’m going to get through quite quickly.

I watched the Season 8 trailer to Game of Thrones…OMG I AM SO EXCITED. I cannot wait until April. I’m still a bit annoyed that the TV series has overtaken the books, will he ever actually finish writing them?

The Pop Culture/News Part

I didn't keep up with the world this week. Well, apart from obsessing about whether Taylor Swift's going to drop an album or not. Come on Taylor, I need some summer tunes in my life. I also read her 30 thing she learned before she's 30 article in Elle, and actually really enjoyed it. It was very candid and open

International Women's Day arrived and, for the first time in years, I didn't actually hear many men complain about it. I'm sure they did, but I didn't see it. I'm going to donate to some women centred charities this week in honour of it. Obviously, I would love to donate regularly but my budget is quite strict while I'm travelling. Any suggestions on where to donate to?

The Conclusion Part

I am in a much better place mentally this week. I've got some exciting things lined up in my travel plans and I get to see some of my favourite people soon! Onwards and upwards!


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