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WEEKLY RECAP | Changing Minds

The Intro Part

Hello, welcome back to my weekly recap. You may have noticed that I did not post this week. I had a bit of a stressful and time-consuming week, so the blog got de-prioritised. I’ve got so much planned though, so keep your eyes out next week. I’ll be back to my normal blogging schedule – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. 

I’m currently cosied up in my dorm room, feeling a little sick and sorry for myself. I gave myself the afternoon of exploring, mainly because with every step I took I thought I was going to throw up. Mix that with Google Maps sending you in the wrong direction and 36 degrees heat, and you have yourself a woman on the verge of a bitch fit (White Chicks, anyone?).

The Travel Part

I started the week snorkelling with turtles and sharks around the beaches of Koh Tao. Originally, I planned on getting my diving certificate, but the boyfriend has decided that he would like to do that when he meets up with me in Indonesia, so I switched to snorkelling. 

Then I was supposed to go to Myanmar but ended up in Malaysia. How, I hear you ask? Well, I booked my flight to Myanmar before I got into Thailand, as they like to see you have onward travel in order to get through the border. As I wasn’t sure that I was going to actually use the flight I decided against adding baggage, why waste money, plus how expensive can it be at the airport? Very. Very expensive. It was going to cost me £132 to check my baggage in, over four times what it costs when you add it in when booking the flight.

I refused to pay it, especially when I could just pay for a brand-new flight the next day with baggage for cheaper. I booked myself into a hostel near the airport and planned out my next moves. With time for a bit of reflection I realised I really didn’t want to go to Myanmar. I decided to head straight to Malaysia instead. Spontaneity is part of the fun of travel anyway, right? 

I’ve spent the past couple of days exploring Kuala Lumpur. I packed as much as possible into the first day, which I am now grateful for. As on the second day (today as I’m writing this), I started to feel sick and had to head home early. I got to meet up Ellie Quinn (@thewanderingquinn), who also happened to be in Kuala Lumpur. This is the second person I’ve met up with from the travel blogging community, I love social media. We went to the Batu Caves together before having a cheeky Nando’s for lunch.

The Reading Part

Nada. Nothing. Zilch. Thank u, next.

The Media Part

What I lacked in reading, I more than made up for in media consumption. 

I watched ‘Beyond The Curve’ on Netflix, a documentary about people who believe the earth is flat. At first, the people on it annoyed me. Their utter refusal to accept scientific evidence and their arrogance in their own badly formed opinions was irritating. As the documentary progressed, I started to realise how the community the people have built probably play a bigger role in their formation of opinions than they perhaps realise. A lot of these people have felt like social outcasts at least one point in their life. They have formed this community full of new friends and social gatherings. It’s a shame they won’t change their minds. Some of the community come up with clever scientific tests to prove the earth is flat, but these just end up backfiring and providing further proof the earth is round. 

I have watched all of the ‘Umbrella Academy’, I loved it! I made my way through it in just two or three sittings. The characters are fun, the story line is serious and silly at the same time and it was easy to watch. The ending was a little predictable, but the actor’s performances more than made up for it.

Another documentary I watched was the Oscar winner ‘Period. End of Sentence’. It’s a short documentary, just 26 minutes, that highlights how periods effect the lives of women in India. Schoolgirls miss so much school it becomes impossible to catch up, so they end up not getting the right education. Women use cloths, sometimes dirty, in place of a pad. Men have no idea what menstruation actually is and think it’s a disease that effects just women. One man has created a machine that mass produces pads for low cost. Now the women are working to make the pads, selling them and educating other women. You can donate to their cause at

And because I love nothing more than re-watching series, I also started ‘Lucifer’ again. I’m already on season, no regrets.

I listened to the latest ‘Guilty Feminist’ podcast episode. I’ve finally taken the time to sort out my wireless headphones, so I’ll be listening to a lot more podcasts moving forwards. The episode focused on an extraordinary woman, Dr Sara Townend, who, upon learning about the horrific conditions in Nauru has tried to evoke change. This episode shows just how unempathetic and how empathetic different people can be.

The Pop Culture/News Part

Another week where I didn’t keep up to date with the outside world. Another reason to travel is to escape the “real world”, after all. I know Brexit is going just swimmingly (hem), Taylor Swift wore a stunning sparkly playsuit to an awards show (why do I know so much about Taylor Swift all of sudden?) and the Madeleine McCann documentary looks set to be released any day now.

The Conclusion Part

I’m going to wrap this up quickly, as I it’s 10.40pm, I’m tired and I need to book my travel for tomorrow. This week was a little draining at times and full of uncertainty, but I’m happy with the decision I made to come to Malaysia. I’ve already had so much fun here. Just remember, trust your gut, if you can and want to change your mind, go for it.  


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