Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Instagram Is Boring Me, Time To Mix It Up

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Instagram…ya basic.

I just had to say that, I was thinking about what to write for this post and all I could hear was Eleanor Shellstrop’s voice in my head (any Good Place fans?). I actually have a lot of thoughts on things and people being called basic, but I digress, that’s another post for another day.

I really don’t mean to hate on any individual accounts, but I’ve just started to get a bit bored of Instagram lately. Bored of seeing the same floral displays, the same selfies, the same locations, the same styles of pictures, the same everything.

Before you say, ‘you can just unfollow if you’re bored’, I’ll jump in and say that I have already unfollowed a bunch of accounts over the past month, some who are producing really beautiful images, they’re just images I see on at least 10 other accounts every day. 

Also, I’m aware my account is far from perfect too. I like my images when I take them and put them up, but I’ve scrolled back through them multiple times and I just about manage to stifle a yawn. There is just something missing. 

I don’t feel like I have been creative or fun, I feel like I have just been a sheep in the herd, following everyone to the same spots and trying to do the same poses, but less good because I can’t pose and I’m still trial and erroring with editing.

As well as changing what accounts I am following, I am also trying to mix up my feed a little. I’m going to stop aiming to get picture perfect every time, and just start to have fun with them instead. 

I’ve been inspired by accounts like Miss Katy English, Magic Little Squares and Alexandra Tea Leaf. They’re being so imaginative and creative with Photoshop, it’s made me try my hand at it too. I’m a long way away from being as good as them, but I am having so much fun learning, and it’s making Instagram fun again.

How are you feeling about Instagram at the moment? What accounts have you been loving?

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  1. Morning!
    I was so drawn to this post, because truth be told, I feel a little bit this way with it at the moment.
    I'm just focussing on my own feed at the moment, trying not to make it too "samey-samey" - I wish I was a little more creative though sometimes.
    Bee xxx


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