Saturday, 2 February 2019

WEEKLY RECAP | Transport, Netflix & Bad Messages

The Intro Part

 This week has been a blur of boats, trains and sleeper buses. I’ve moved around quite a bit and done a lot of fun activities. I’ve pushed myself to read as much as possible in-between to keep up with my reading goal. But Netflix has just been smashing out new things to watch lately, so, I’m not gonna lie, it’s been difficult.

The Travel Part

I’ve had a busy and action-packed week in terms of travelling. On Saturday I hopped on board a cruise ship to go explore Ha Long Bay. For the movie fans amongst you this place may look familiar as it is where King Kong Skull Island was filmed. I went kayaking, swimming, exploring caves, hiking and ate so much food. I did 2 days 1 night, so I spent Saturday night sleeping on the boat. 

Straight after that I got on a train and headed for Ninh Binh, which we were told is like Ha Long Bay but on land instead of water. I worried at first that it might be a bit too same same, but I ended up absolutely loving it. The landscape is stunning, there’s a relaxed vibe to the place and I did a few fun activities, which I’ll talk about in more detail on the blog soon. 

Then I got on a sleeper bus to Hoi An. I recently wrote about getting a sleeper train in Thailand and I can tell you now, the train was a lot more pleasant experience than the bus. The bus is less roomy, less private and more time. However, Hoi An is beautiful, so I quickly forgot about the bus. The old town is colourful, full of lanterns and the night market was great.

The Reading Part

This week I signed up to The Economist. Back in England I was stealing my boyfriend’s copy before he had a chance to read it, and I’ve missed it since travelling. They currently have an introductory offer on at just £12 for 12 weeks for print + digital. Therefore, this week I have been catching up with the global news, including Venezuela’s corrupt president, Zimbabwe’s brutal treatment of its citizens after raising petrol prices and slowbilisation, how globalisation is slowing down, and countries are sourcing things more regionally.

I have also set some time aside this week to start reading people’s blog posts again. I used to have a bunch of people’s in a bookmarked folder, but I somehow lost them all, so I am rebuilding it. This week I’ve read Kirsty Leanne’s post on using hashtags cleverly for Instagram, Hello Miss Jordan’s post on not wanting children, Maria J’s posts on what a fashion blogger gets up to in a week, Eleanor Graceful’s post on being grateful for what you currently have and Warsaw’s World’s post on being a solo traveller. 

The Media Part

A friend sent me an article saying that Brooklyn 99 season 5 would be on Netflix in March. But I discovered this week that in Asia it’s already on there. I AM SO HAPPY! I only started watching it last year after a colleague promised me it was worth a watch. Since then I have watched seasons 1 – 4 all the way through 3 times over. It’s such an easy watching and funny show, I now understand why all the fans kicked off when it got cancelled. 

I also watched the Netflix Documentary ‘The Ted Bundy Tapes’. I’ve read about him before but many years ago, so I wanted to watch this series and refresh my memory. I didn’t realise how many women were his victims, he is linked to dozens of murders. He was a very charismatic and egotistical man, who assumed he was intellectually superior to everyone around him. I can’t believe he managed to escape prison. Twice! That is just ridiculous and so sad to see what it led to. What Ted Bundy did was brutal and horrendous, and my thoughts are with the poor women whose lives ended too soon.

I have finished the new season of Grace and Frankie and I absolutely loved it. I get so worried with new shows, so many of them start to drop in quality the longer they run, but this one has stayed just as great.

I have also started catching up on podcasts. I need to charge up my Bluetooth headphones so I can listen to them through my phone, right now I’m just playing them on my laptop when I do freelance work. I’ve caught up with The Guilty Feminist and listened to a couple of Frank Skinners. But I have downloaded loadsmore, so watch this space.

The Pop Culture/News Part

Speaking of Ted Bundy, people’s opinions on the trailer for the new film starring Zac Effron as Ted Bundy has been all across Twitter. One side is angry and frustrated, they feel Ted Bundy is being glorified and shown in a too positive light. The other side say that this is the point, Ted Bundy was seen as charismatic and not like a person who would do the crimes he was accused of, so the film is right in showing him in this light as it’s how the world saw him at the time. Twitter has been oversaturated with this topic. I’ve not personally seen anyone say they are lusting after him, but if you are, don’t. He’s a murdered, end of.

One story that has got me pissed off to say the least is the story of the Warwick Uni boys. They had a WhatsApp group where they frequently talked about how they wanted to rape women, if you’ve seen the screen shots, you’ll know how crude they get. Originally the boys were supposed to be banned from the uni for 10 years but after a year they are being allowed to return. Shockingly, some of the girls the boy’s talk about raping will still be at the uni when they return. This sends a shocking message to young boys. How can Warwick Uni disregard women’s safety like this, is it just in favour of their tuition fees?

The day after I read about this, I got sent a link to a story about a Rugby international player, Christopher Twigg. He got accused of sexually assaulting a fellow student three times, but he has been cleared of charges as he gave her a ‘heartfelt apology’ at the start of the trial. Another guy sexually assaulting a woman with absolutely no ramifications. I am getting sick of boys/men doing things like this and getting away with it, consequence free. And people wonder why women are reluctant to come forward with stories like this.

Well, I would like to end this section on a bit of a happy note. Warner Bro’s Studio Tour in London announced this week that they are opening up Gringotts to the public. Guess I’ll have to go back again! I recently went and got to see the Hogwarts Express and Forbidden Forest, such lovely editions. The Forbidden Forest especially was great, with Aragog’s family descending from the ceiling. I am really looking forward to seeing Gringotts. 

The Conclusion Part

Another busy week of travelling. I’m currently writing this the night before I have to get up at 4am for a flight. Next week will be just as busy and I’m so excited for it. I’ve definitely swayed more to watching Netflix than reading books this week, but at least I got signed back up to The Economist. I’m feeling smarter already. Also, next week I’m going to try and find some more happy pop culture/news stories to share. It’s important to share stories like the above, but it’s also good to hear something positive as well. 

What have you been up to this week?

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