Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Doing Things Alone

Doing things alone can seem like a scary thing.

There have been countless times throughout my life where I have found myself alone for the day and wondering what to do. A lot of times I would stay in rather than going out on my own, even though I wanted to go out. 

I love my own company, I can go many days on my own and feel content. In my house. But stepping out in public alone is a whole different playing field. 

Travelling solo I have had to do things on my own or I wouldn’t do anything at all. It has pushed me out of my comfort zone, which is what I was hoping for when I first started my trip.

I now find no difficulty or unease with sitting alone in a restaurant, walking alone through new city streets, visiting historical sites on my own, catching transport from city to city or crossing borders on my own.

I’ve actually gone from being mainly apprehensive about doing it, to sometimes preferring it. When I am on my own, I can do everything at my own pace. If I want to have an early start or have a lie in, if I want to hang around somewhere a bit longer or rush through it, if I want to eat somewhere a bit out of the way or go to the place next door, I can. It’s all down to me.

I think women especially are conditioned to make other people happy, even if that means making themselves unhappy and not getting what they want or need. I’m not saying it’s always a bad thing to go out of your way for someone or do what the group wants, but every now and then it’s good to be self-indulgent.

Most of the people I have met whilst travelling have been solo travellers, which surprised me. I wonder if being around so many solo travellers is partially responsible for me feeling more comfortable doing things alone. When I am in a restaurant here, I usually see at least one other person eating solo.

What I want to do is take this independence back home, where it is a little less common. I’ve always wanted to go to the cinema on my own. Apparently, it’s an enjoyable and bucket list experience. When I get back to Manchester this will be first on my list, partly because I’m a big film lover and I will not have been to the cinema in about 7 months by that point, but mainly for the independence part.

How do you feel about doing things on your own? 

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