Monday, 11 February 2019

A Few Nights In Pai

Truth be told, I was a little apprehensive about heading to Pai. This is because I found out that you had to take a minibus there from Chiang Mai, with a grand total of 762 turns on the road. On the back of every seat is a sick bag, with at least one of them usually used each trip.

I was umming and erring in Chiang Mai when I met people who had been there, and they told me I just had to go. My competitive side took over and I thought to myself, if these guys can do it, then so can I. To be honest I didn’t find it too bad, but I have heard it is the luck of the driver.

For those of you who don’t know, Pai is a small town in Northern Thailand, about 150km away from Chiang Mai. It has a reputation of being a very hippy and bohemian haven, where you will probably bump into someone you met while travelling and where you’ll definitely make new friends.

Pai is all about relaxing. I spent my days slowly walking around the streets, tubing down the river and reading in my hostel. I also stumbled upon a rabbit cafĂ© and had breakfast with a bunny. There are a few small attractions nearby if you want to do something, such as the canyon, waterfalls, hiking trail, historical bridge, strawberry field and big buddha. 

A couple of tourist shops on the main street that offer half or full day tours to a few of these at a time at very reasonable prices. Unfortunately, I didn’t plan my time well enough to book onto the trips and on the day I was going to walk to the one nearby I hurt my foot and couldn’t walk much further down the end of the street, hence the day of reading. 

At night time Pai Walking Street comes alive with some of the best street food stalls I went to in Asia. On my last night I hit 3 or 4 of them in one go, the food was just so good! The Walking Street is also home to plenty of bars, some of them hidden. 

A lot of people I met in Pai ended up extending their stay, those who planned for 3 nights stayed for 2 weeks. I did try to extend my time there but coincidentally it was just before a big music festival, so everywhere was booked up. 

I would and have recommended people make the trip to Pai if they are in Northern Thailand. It’s such a lovely chill place to stay for a few days and you’ll meet some great people. 


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