Monday, 25 February 2019

48 Hours In Hanoi

Spoiler alert…Hanoi is not my favourite city.

I only spent a couple of nights there but for me that was enough.

I’m not saying you should never go to Hanoi, lots of people I have met travelling have really enjoyed it, it’s been one of their favourite places in Vietnam. Everyone’s personal tastes are different. 

I thought traffic in Thailand was crazy until I arrived in Hanoi. It’s on a whole other level there. Something that the locals are very aware of. The locals poke fun at themselves selling T-Shirts with a traffic light on, saying “Green Means Go, Yellow Means Go, Red Means Go”. 

At first the hectic roads made me nervous and put me on edge. The first night there I arrived quite late and headed out to search for food, before quickly returning to the apartment and ordering in instead.

But by the end, I don’t know, I guess it is a little liberating compared to the roads back home. Organised chaos is how most people describe it. Sure, they’re not following the normal rules of the road, but there is a sort of order to it. And when two people accidentally have a little bump, they laugh it off rather than jump on the phone to the insurance people. 

One thing I really loved doing in Hanoi was a street food tour, which I found on Air BnB experiences. I wouldn’t normally look on there for things like that, but another traveller put me onto it. The tour was so much fun. As it was our first time in Vietnam it was handy to have a local teach us what the best local dishes are. The egg coffee (or hot chocolate in my case) was amazing, something that need to be moved to the UK asap.

I had limited time in Hanoi, so I didn’t get to see many attractions, maybe if I did, I would feel differently about my time there. But I guess you’re not going to fall in love with every place you go to. Travelling around you hear a whole bunch of mixed reviews about everywhere, I’ve learnt it’s best to just go and see for yourself.

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