Monday, 4 February 2019

6 Places I Ate At In Chiang Mai

Okay I’m going to be honest, one of the reasons that I loved Chiang Mai so much was the food. There are so many choices of places to eat and so many of them are vegetarian. I stayed in the Old City whilst there so they’re all within that quarter of Chiang Mai. Here are 6 of the places I visited…

1. Fresh Time

I was wondering around the Old City feeling a bit peckish when I stumbled upon Fresh Time. My eyes were drawn to the leafy exterior and when I saw the big Vegetarian sign I headed straight over. The restaurant is cute, with white table adorned with flowers. The menu offers a wide variety of traditional dishes made with vegetables. I had been living on noodles in the days running up to this, so I chose an egg fried rice dish. The portion size was huge, and the price was low. The waitress was also very happy and friendly, which was a nice bonus.

Price - I think I spent just over a £1 for a meal plus a drink.

2. Reform Kafe

I had looked this one up online prior to going. I was searching for vegetarian restaurants and this one had lots of good reviews, so I decided to head over. And the reviews were spot on. The décor of this place is gorgeous. There is an outside seating area that is full of trees and plants, you feel like you are in an instagrammable jungle. I took about a million pictures. I chose Khao Soi as most places that I looked at only served meat versions of this. Again, the portion was huge, and it was absolutely delicious, packed full of flavour.

Price - I spent around £2 for a meal and drink.

3. By Hand Pizza Café

I know, I know, it’s not a Thai dish. But after a few weeks of mainly eating noodles and rice I was craving my favourite meal in the world. By Hand Pizza Café is a lively restaurant packed full of people, largely tourists. Usually I go for a simple Margherita pizza, but I decided last minute to mix things up and have a veggie one topped with peppers, onions and mushrooms. I was a little disappointed with the pizza. It kind of tasted like the pizza you get at the end of the night out back home, not bad but not great.

Price – I think it was around £5 on a pizza and drink 

4. Chiang Mai Weekend Market

I was on my way to a restaurant when I stumbled upon the weekend market. I had completely forgot that it was on, but I am so glad I found it. There are tonnes of street food vendors selling a wide variety of food. I got myself a corn on the cob, a chocolate waffle and a portion of pad Thai. It was all so cheap and so tasty. I ate it while wandering through the huge markets selling things from fridge magnets to paintings to, purses to ornaments.

Price – corn on the cob was about 20 THB, waffles were 25 THB and the pad thai was just 15 THB. Just over £1 for all of it.

5. White Elephant

After walking past this vegan ice cream shop a few times I decided I just had to try it. The shop itself is very modern and has inside seating if you want to relax and eat your ice cream. I thought I was ordering cookie flavoured ice cream, but what I actually ordered was an ice cream sandwich. It’s not something I would have normally chosen but I really enjoyed it.

Price – I can’t actually remember but it was quite cheap.

6. Taste From Heaven

This was another restaurant that had lots of good reviews online. The restaurant itself was lovely but the place was full of tourists. I didn’t see one local eating there, which usually means it’s overpriced or not that good. I ordered a massaman curry, which had tofu. The dish tasted fine, but I wasn’t blown away by it. I think it was just a pretty standard place overall. Maybe if I ordered another dish I’d feel differently.

Price – I think it cost around £1 or £2 for a meal plus a drink.

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