Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Sleeper Train From Ayutthaya To Chiang Mia

One thing I was looking forward to when travelling was getting a sleeper train. Although I was slightly apprehensive too. Would it be easy? Would it be safe? Would there be enough room? I’m tall, I need room!

Well, turns out it was absolutely fine.

I got the ticket from the station the morning of my departure date. I was planning on getting it a couple of days before departing as the sleeper train runs from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, so it’s quite a popular route and tickets go quickly. But I ended up leaving Ayutthaya earlier than planned and thankfully they still had some tickets available.

I got a second-class sleeper ticket, which was just over 800 THB. Not too bad when you consider it’s a night’s accommodation. You can get first class tickets too, but they will obviously cost you a bit more, around 2,000 THB. 

I arrived at the station about 45 minutes ahead of time because I like to be prepared, plus I wanted some time to go to the 7-eleven to get some train snacks. The shop is just a couple of minutes away from the station, go get yourself a cheese toastie.

I had the bottom bed, which I have heard is the best. People have told me they had the top bunk and the air conditioning blew on them all night, so they were really cold. Ask when booking your ticket if you can have a bottom bunk.

The bed was surprisingly roomy and comfortable, way better than I imagined. I’m a bit of a worrier when it comes to my belongings, so I wanted to keep my big backpack on the bed with me. There was plenty of room for that and myself and my small backpack and a bag of snacks. As I said, I’m tall (5 foot 10) and the bed was long enough for me.

Everyone has a curtain for privacy. I pulled mine shut, switched on my tablet and binge watched Gilmore Girls on Netflix for a few hours before finally nodding off. Everyone went to bed fairly early so the train was fairly quiet and it was easy to nod off. 

In the morning as we got close to Chiang Mai the train staff came and turned the beds back into seats. They removed the bedding and put it in a bag, which I assumed they were sending to laundry. This was a promising sign.

Waking up on the sleeper train and seeing the northern hills of Thailand rolling by was something. It held to the romanticised version of a sleeper train I had in my mind. All in all it was an easy and simple process, and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to travel from Bangkok/Ayutthaya to Chiang Mai. 

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