Tuesday, 15 January 2019

My Blog Plans For 2019

Happy New Year!!!

Okay, so I’m about 15 days late to the game, but I’ve finally spent some time putting together my plans for my blog this year. 


I’ve decided I want to mainly focus on travelling, as that I what I am most passionate about and what I find the easiest to write. 

I think in the past I have been guilty of trying to write about things I think other people want to read. Cue some unenthusiastic posts about eye liners and hair care. Not dismissing those things, I’m just not that into make-up and it clearly showed. I did not have the knowledge or expertise needed. 

Moving forward two out of the four posts a week are going to be focused on travel. And given that I’m currently travelling around South East Asia (and that I never got around to writing a bunch of Europe posts) I am not short on content.

One of the posts is going to be a wild card. It will mostly fall under the lifestyle category, but it could cover fashion, beauty, opinion pieces, anything. I know I said above I don’t have much knowledge on beauty, but if I really love a product, I want to shout out about it. I don’t want to completely restrict what I write. 

Finally, my last post is going to be a weekly round up! I really enjoy reading other people’s round ups, and now more people are doing podcasts I enjoy hearing about them too. I’m going to be breaking it down into little segments like what I’ve been watching, listening too, pop culture, etc. I’m still working on the format.

This year one of my goals is to learn how to write better. I’m not sure how exactly, but I’m thinking of attending some courses/workshops, signing up to something online and maybe even heading back to university. So, not only will I have a regular schedule, my posts will start to read a lot better too. I hope.

Below is the new timetable, all posts go live at 11am:

Monday – Travel
Tuesday – Lifestyle
Wednesday – Travel
Saturday – Round Up


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