Wednesday, 16 January 2019

How To Get From Bangkok To Ayutthaya

I started my travels in Bangkok and had to make it Chiang Mai by the end of the month, so I thought I would visit one or two central places in-between. After doing a bit of research I settled on Ayutthaya, the old capital of Siam.

Trying to figure out how to get from A to B can be a daunting thing when you’re travelling. It’s one of the things I was most nervous about before starting my journey around Asia, but I’m slowly starting to realise it’s not as scary as I thought.

There a few ways to get to Ayutthaya from Bangkok: train, minivan and private car. 


Train is what I chose to go by, after researching online it seemed like the easiest and cheapest option. 

The train departs fairly regularly from Hua Lumpong station, takes just under 1.5 hours and costs around 20 THB (about 37p) for a third-class ticket. 

Although I didn’t experience it myself, I read in quite a few online articles that you should be wary of people dressed up as train officials trying to convince you to take different modes of transport or giving you false information. Just head straight into the station and you will find ticket booths.

For a short journey you generally get a third-class ticket, which means you get no seat. Make sure you get on quickly if you want a window seat.


A guy I met in the hostel in Ayutthaya told me he got a minivan over for 50 THB (around £1).

I’ve since done a bit of research on this and it looks like it’s fairly easy to do. Minivans leave from Mo Chit Bus Station fairly regularly, usually waiting until they have enough passengers to fill the car (doesn’t seem to take too long). One thing to note is that minivans can take a few stops along the way. If you have big luggage you may have to pay extra for a seat for it, as not all minivans have a lot of storage.

Private Car/Taxi

If you’re feeling really fancy you could always take a private car, as the journey is only about an hour. Obviously, this is a bit more expensive than the above options. I’m not sure on the price, from looking online I can see anywhere between 1000 to 1700 THB. If you’re worried about the price, agree beforehand and be prepared to haggle.


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