Monday, 28 January 2019

How Long Should I Stay In Ayutthaya?

Ayutthaya is a city around 80km north of Bangkok.

Before I visited, I looked online to find out how long would be a good amount of time to spend there. Some people said a day trip, some people said a few nights, so I ended up booking two nights.

I got the train from Bangkok to Ayutthaya for just 20 THB (bargain) and had arrived and checked into my hostel for just after midday. 

People go here to see the historical ruins in the park, built when Ayutthaya was the prosperous capital of Siam. As most of these close around 4pm I thought it would be best to wait until morning to do that, so I had a bit longer to explore.

Instead, I hired out a bike and went exploring the northern part of the city. This involved crossing over the river on the busy road, where I had to navigate towards the middle lane, while fearing for my life.  

I since found out you can just take the 30 second ferry ride over for just 10 THB, but that’s fine, whatever, I’m a stronger person for it.

On the other side of the train tracks there are a few more temples to visit outside of the main ones. As well as these, there is also the Ayutthaya floating markets.

As I was cycling around, I didn’t stop to explore these fully. However, it was disappointing to see it was next to the Elephant Village, where you are able to ride atop of elephants and go on a walk.

Do not, I repeat, do not do this wherever in the world you see it on offer. The weight of the chair and people will cause the elephants backs to break. If you want to see elephants in Thailand (never ride them, please), do some research and find a camp where they care for the elephants.

Later that night I went to the Ayutthaya night market, which was surprisingly big. They had fairy lights draped above the steals, stalls that were full of clothes, accessories, drinks, food. And all for the cheap Thai prices I have grown to love and become accustomed to. Lord hep me when I return to Manchester.

So, that was day and night one over with. I still had another day and night ahead of me, plus, as I was taking the sleeper train to Chiang Mai, almost another full fay.

The next morning, I decided that as lovely as Ayutthaya was, I couldn’t stay around for that much longer. I went to the train station and booked a sleeper train for that night instead, luckily there was still places available, I read online it’s usually best to book one or two days ahead due to the popularity.

I took my bike ride and grabbed a late lunch, then was back at the hostel by late afternoon, immensely happy that I was leaving that night.

Although I am glad I didn’t just do the day trip, and stayed over a night, two nights would be too much.


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