Tuesday, 29 January 2019

5 Good Things About Temporary Friendships

I have recently started a solo travel trek around South East Asia. Aside from the beautiful scenery, diverse culture and the whole ‘not having to work’ thing, one of the reasons I chose to do this was to get out of my comfort zone, especially when it came to me interacting with other human beings.

I have been called shy, quiet, reserved and many other introvert-esque synonyms. One thing that can hold me back with people is I get a little anxious about what to say/how to act, and then I overthink the interactions afterwards, which makes me more reserved the next time I’m in a social situation, and so the cycle continues.

I have always loved meeting people on nights out, getting to know who they are and what they like. You get to hear so many interesting stories. I mean, not always, some people are idiots, but some are fun. But I don’t think I fully appreciated the value of temporary friendships until I started travelling. Here are 5 reasons I now love them…

1. So many people

First of all, you get to meet so many people travelling. I think if you’re travelling in a group it can be harder to make as many friends, simply because you don’t need to. When you’re on your own, if you want some human interaction you have to go out and get it. As people move around at different times to you, you have to strike up a lot of friendships, which means you get to meet so many fun and interesting people, with a variety of backgrounds and stories to tell.

2. Goodbye hangxiety

Who else can act like an idiot when drunk? Well yeah, me too. Back home I may spend the next day curled up in a ball of shame and regret, worrying about the next time I’ll see those people. I never do anything bad when drinking, but the hangxiety kicks in. As I’m probably not going to see most of my temporary friends again, the hangxiety has faded away.

3. You can just move on

Let’s be honest, you’re not going to love everyone you meet. Some people might start to grind on you. Or, you may just feel like you’re ready to meet some new people. That’s the beauty of temporary friendships. If, for whatever reason, you feel you've filled your quota with someone, you can just move onto the next person. No hard feelings. 

4. There’s less pressure

You already know before you meet people that you’re only likely to be hanging out with them for a few days. Being a bit introverted myself, I find it’s puts less pressure on building the relationship. I can relax quicker around people as I know it’s only a temporary thing.

5. You might meet someone great

A few people I met travelling have got on so well with someone that they met, they have decided to continue their travels together. I’ve met people who’ve been travelling together for weeks since meeting. Making so many friends every day means you have got every chance of forming a lifelong friendship with someone. Your kindred spirit could be in the next hostel. Or if they're not, refer to number 3 again.

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