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6 Places To Eat In Copenhagen

There are a million and one places to eat in Copenhagen, from small cafes selling freshly made pastries to juicy burgers at the bustling meatpacking district.

So I feel I need to begin this post by saying I am only going to talk about just a small sample of the delicious eating establishments there are on offer.

But boy were they good eating establishments.

Tommi’s Burger Joint

Okay, so confession corner. 

I am a vegetarian…95% of the time. I miss meat a lot, especially burgers. Everyone said I’d miss bacon the most, but for me it’s burgers and sausages.

I tend to slip up when I’m on holiday, partly because it can be hard to find vegetarian food and partly because everyone likes to let loose a bit on holiday.

Tommi’s Burger Joint is in the meat packing district, a hot spot in Copenhagen brimming with restaurants and bars, and all the cool kids, obvs.

The burgers are delicious. I particularly liked the topping section, where you can pile your burger with as many toppings as you like.

The price is fairly standard, around 89DK for burger and fries, and the drinks being especially cheap.

Conditori La Glace

When visiting Copenhagen it is essential you source somewhere to get your hot chocolate fix, especially if you visit in Autumn/Winter.

After a quick Google search I saw this cafe had some good reviews, so we headed straight over. 

I realised how popular the cafe when we arrived and saw the queue to get through the doors. If I’m going to queue up for anything, food, especially chocolate, would be at the top of the list, so I happily lined up.

A cup of hot chocolate will set you back 90DK, a little painful if truth be told, especially for my bargain loving boyfriend.
But in all fairness that did include a refill, so you do get plenty for you danish krone, and the hot chocolate was sublime. 

We also shared a slice of a very rich chocolate-y cake, for about 45DK. I still dream about that cake, delicious. 

Mad & Kaffe’s

This was another place I didn’t realise we’d have to queue for.

Mad & Kaffe is a very popular brunch spot in the vibrant Vestebro area. We got there around 10:30 and had to queue for about 20-30 mins to get a table inside.

One of the staff recommended getting there as early as possible to avoid queues, which usually start forming around 9am.

I love the formatting of the menu here. You get to build the brunch you want by choosing 3, 5 or 7 items from a list consisting of greens, dairy, bakery, meat and fish and desserts.

Depending how many items you choose the prices range from 89DK to 154DK. 

I had a hot chocolate here too and it arrived in a big milkshake style glass with chocolate sauce drizzled on the inside of the glass, it was immense.


One of the reasons I was so keen to visit Copenhagen in autumn was down to reading ‘This Little Book Of Hygge’ by Meik Wiking.

Hygge is in my blood, I am convinced of it. 

I was really looking forward to sitting in a dimly lit hyggeligt cafe, and Bagerdygtigt delivered.

We ordered a pastry each (yes, I had another hot chocolate) and sat in a corner darkly lit corner, soaking up all the higgle.

Pizzeria MaMeMi & Wine Bar

After a long day of walking thousand of steps, the last thing we wanted to do was spend ages wandering the streets looking for somewhere to eat.

We chose this place because a) it was proper italian style pizza, my favourite, b) it looked very hygge and c) it was within a 5 minute walk from our Air BnB. 

If you ever go to Copenhagen I highly recommend staying in the Vestebro area. There will be tonnes of restaurants, cafes and pubs on your doorstep and everywhere else is within walking distance, or a short bike ride away #whenincopenhagen.

Apparently it can get busy here so it is best to book a table, which we did before we went. 

MaMeMi’s pizza is delicious, the wine is good and the staff are friendly. I can see why it’s a popular choice.

Nemoland Cafe

Nemoland cafe is in the heart of Christiania, an alternative freetown full of creativity and, well, weed. 

My first piece of advice on visiting Christiania is - do not take pictures. If you do decide to rebel and take a picture, which is tempting as the place is so colourful and vibrant, a drug dealer will come over and demand you delete it.

Other than that, everyone is very chill there.

The food was basic but still tasty. I had the vegetarian lasagne and the boyfriend had the burger, which he assure me was good.

The lasagne came with a salad and some bread, so it was very filling. And very inexpensive.


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