Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Gin Tasting In Liverpool & The Baltic Triangle

Over the weekend I went to one of my favourite cities to drink one of my favourite drinks.

I went to Liverpool for a gin tasting experience.

This was a present I bought for my sister, with the caveat that she has to take me, of course.

I booked it through Groupon, from Liquor & All Sorts, and it was £37 for two people.

I chose Liverpool because it is easy for my sister to get to from Chester, and myself to get to from Manchester, but I think they do it in a few other cities.

Also I am low key getting obsessed with Liverpool. It’s so much fun, have you been lately? I’ll talk more about other places we went later on.

The whole booking process was really simple. We had to change our original booking very last minute, just one or to nights before. They were very good about it and let us change to a later date.

Originally it was supposed to be at Ma Boyles, Tower Gardens but it got changed to Hannah’s Bar, so not too far away. And the view was beautiful, it’s the picture from this post.

So the actual experience.

There was about 30 guests in total, which was much bigger than I was expecting, but not an issue. We all got served a gin punch while we waited for everyone to arrive.

The host was relaxed, friendly, knowledgable and funny.

He taught us the difference between liquor and spirits, how to drink them straight without having the burning taste and, most importantly of all, how to drink without getting a hangover.

That’s right, no hangover.

Basically you just need to stick to drinks and mixers with no chemicals, all natural ingredients.

I’ve always wondered why I rarely got hangovers from gin, anyone else?

As well as more gin we got sandwiches and cakes, which I completely forgot about until they were served. I had a cheese wraps, a couple of pieces of brownie, some other sweet treat and a scone with cream and jam. Cream then jam….

Some of the gins were not as exotic as I was thinking they would be, but the experience overall was really good. The whole event lasted for two hours. I enjoyed it and would recommend it to any gin lovers out there.

After the event we headed to the Baltic Triangle area, aka my favourite area.

There are so many cool bars hidden there.

First we went to Hobo Kiosk, an underground bar that would be really easy to miss if you weren’t looking for it. Luckily my sister knew it was there.

There are dolls and toys all over the show, and after talking to the owner he told us a few of the stories behind them.

Next we went to a lovely little wine bar called Alhambra, hidden behind a red velvet cloth. There was a Spanish guy playing the guitar and singing, just perfect.

Just a few doors down is one of the most instagrammable bars I have seen - Hippie Chic. There are flowers everywhere. Flower walls, flower swings and flowers dangling from the ceiling. It is so beautiful.

I couldn’t leave Liverpool with popping to the Peaky Blinders bar. I missed it last time I was there and I wasn’t prepared to miss it again. So many people were dressed up, it was so cool.

So after a quick stop for food in the Peaky Blinders food hall, I headed back home to Manchester.

It was lovely day out, the gin tasting was great and there are so many cools bars to discover.

Have you been to Liverpool lately? 

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