Thursday, 4 October 2018

6 Places I Enjoyed Eating At In Rome

When booking a holiday to Italy you’re usually looking for three things: stunning scenery, rich history and, some might say most importantly, incredible food.

Rome spectacularly delivers on all three of these.

I did a bit of research along the way (read ‘frantically google mapped places in the middle of the street before hangriness took control), and I reached out to my Italian consult, aka my university friend who lived there for 6 months as part of her year abroad. Because if anyone knows the cheap but delicious places to eat it’s a skint student who needs to save the money for booze.

So here a few of the delicious, delectable and delightful places we ate in Rome..

Carlo Menta

Situated in the medieval Trastevere, a thriving and lively neighbourhood, Carlo Menta is a busy restaurant serving good food at even better prices. This was one of the recommendations from my Italian consult, she described it as ‘such good value and in a really fun area!’, which is a fair assessment.

We arrived with no reservation and managed to get a table outside straight away, although the restaurant was clearly very popular with a mix of locals and tourists. We ordered the gnocchi, a lasagne, a side salad and a bottle of wine to share. I can’t remember how much it came to exactly but I do remember it being super cheap.


Another recommendation from my Italian consult, Giolitti is a delicious gelato shop located right in the heart of Rome, just a short walk away from the Pantheon. It was surprisingly big inside and very popular with the locals. I went for Chocolate, Cookie Dough and Strawberry and its was de-licious. 


Polpetta is a stylish and hip restaurant, with two venues, one in the monti district and one in the Ostiense area. I think we went to the one in monti district, it was tucked away on a street not too far from the Colosseum. 

It’s very popular so I would recommend making a reservation. I went on my first night in Rome on a date night with the boyfriend, it was quite romantic with the candle light and wine. I had the vegetarian meatballs, with a side salad, which were both tasty. Well, the meatballs were, a side salad is just a side salad, just me trying to inject some healthiness into my iIaly trip full of carbs.

Pane e Salame

We were wandering around the centre of Rome, taking our time trying to find somewhere good for lunch but also on the verge of getting hangry, when I found this place online. It happened to be within a 5 minute walk from where we were and was apparently loved by the locals - great sign.

The restaurant is quite small, it seats around 20, so we had to wait about 10 minutes for a seat, but it was worth the wait. I went in thinking I would get a sandwich but Pane e Salame has one of the best looking meat boards I have ever seen, so obviously  went for that instead. I regret nothing, it was amazing and the price was very reasonable.

Gelateria Fassi

This was recommended to us by the host of our Air BnB. Imagine my happiness finding out that one of the best gelato shops in Rome is just a 5 minute walk away from my apartment, yay! The gelato was absolutely incredible, I went for chocolate (always) and cookie dough. And it was si cheap, it came to about 1 euro per scoop.

Il Tempio di Minevra

My boyfriend and I went here on our last night in Rome, it was recommended to us by a few people. It’s bit more expensive than the previous places on this list and a little bit of the beaten track, but the quality of food was worth it all.

For a starter we shared a meat meze board, which was truly delectable, if a little bit too big for a starter. For my main I had spaghetti in garlic oil with tomatoes. It sounds simple but it was one of my favourite meals I had in Italy. I have tried to recreate this at home, but it just isn’t the same.


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