Wednesday, 12 September 2018

21 Activities To Enjoy This Autumn

Autumn is my most favourite season ever and oh-my-god I am so bloody excited!!!!


Seriously though, Autumn is the season I look forward to the most. And yes, partly because I feel less guilty staying in and watching Netflix when it’s cold and wet outside.

I searched the internet for some fun Autumn activities and added the faves to my Trello board. I thought I’d share them here as well because there’s no such thing as too many autumn activity lists, and I want to spread the love for my favourite season.

So here are some fun autumnal activities you can do…

1. Make an Autumn wreath

This one is quite American-y but I’ve just moved from a flat to a house, so I actually have a front door I can hang one on, so I'm going to get my craft on.

2. Play conkers

I collect them every year but truth be told, I’ve forgotten how you actually play them. Time to relive my childhood.

3. Go fruit picking

I’ve not actually looked into whether this will be possible in the north of England, but I want to go pick some apples and berries from a farm. If it's not possible don't tell me, don't squash my dreams.

4. Learn to knit

I keep saying I’m to learn to knit and damn it one of these days I will. Autumn is a fantastic time to learn to knit a scarf cos of all the cosy nights in and, you know, cold necks.

5. Toast some marshmallows 

I have a garden again (yay) so I’m going to wrap up warm, make a mini bonfire and toast some marshmallows until they’re all golden and gooey.

6. Autumn walk

Hands down one of my favourite things to do in Autumn is go on a walk in the park. The colours are incredible, the air is crisp, but not too chilly, and you get to step on crunchy leaves.

7. Play a board game

I only have Scrabble, which is a belter, but I’m going to hit the shops and buy a few more. I’m thinking Cluedo, Monopoly and maybe even a cheeky Kerplunk.

8. Make the ultimate hot chocolate

If I have to try to get this one right then I will do, again and again and again, for as long as it takes. 

9. Watch retro movies on the projector

I kinda like the idea of setting up the projector, which I’m yet to buy so let me know if you know a good brand, and sticking on an old classic like Casablanca or Some Like It Hot. both of which I have never actually seen yet cos I am an uncultured swine.

10. Spa weekend

I’ve still never done a proper spa weekend, but Autumn feels like the perfect time to miss a night out in the rain in favour of a massage and steam in a spa.

11. Make caramel apples

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, especially if it’s coated in sugar (hem). 

12. Make Autumn Sangria

Who knew this was even a thing? I for one did not, but I am most definitely glad I found out.

13. Plant Autumn flowers

I actually have a garden and a place to put plants now (did I mention that yet?), so time to turn my fingers green!

14. Bake some autumn treats

I’m thinking pumpkin cheesecake, apple tartlets and definitely a pie of some kind. And of course I will pretend I am in an episode of GBBO while making them.

15. Homemade soup

When it is chucking it down outside a soup is just a lot better than a salad. Homemade soup is soup-er easy to make, it’s healthy and you can batch cook it.

16. Weekend getaway somewhere autumnal

I’m not sure where to go just yet, but initial thoughts are a castle in Germany or Slovakia. Or find some cool festival somewhere in Europe, along the lines of the scarecrow festival in Dresford.

17. Make blackberry gin

Blackberries go so well with gin. And I’ll need something to do with all the berries I pick in activity number three (again, don't squash my dreams, or my berries).

18. Sunrise photoshoot in the park/woods

This seemed to be a popular activity when I was doing the research, and I can see why. Just think of how many good pics you can get for the gram! I can pretend I'm all artistic and that I actually know what all the settings on my DLSR do.

19. Hang up fairy lights

I want my room to twinkle like santa's grotto, except maybe a bit more subtle. Oh, and also light all of the candles. Bonus point for scented ones.

20. Harry Potter world

I really want to go back here!!!! Since I first went they have put up the Hogwarts Express AND the forbidden forest. Also when you go towards the end of the year the Hogwarts model is sprinkled with snow. 

21. Donate to a local homeless shelter

This one I found a few lists. Obviously it is good to give all year around, but when it’s starts to get colder outside I think it comes to the front of peoples minds a lot more. I’m going to contact a few homeless shelters in my area and see what donations they need the most. 

Monday, 10 September 2018

Life Update


Hello, I am back.

I took an unintentional break from blogging, and my social media channels too, because life just got a little busy. 

About six months ago I started a new job, which I am enjoying but it happens to be in Bolton. Bolton is approximately 16672352 miles away from my house and I still haven’t learned to drive (anyone else in they late twenties and not driving?). 

So my commute time has doubled, as I have to take a tram and a train to get into work. Sigh. 

I am getting through a lot of podcasts, and thank god Netflix on your phone is now a thing, amiright? After recent news I’m also a little tempted to do my makeup on the train to piss the men off, but cba carrying it around all day.

I know I have to get up earlier but I just can’t seem to get to sleep at a decent time. At least for the first few days of the week, then by Thursday I am passing out on the sofa in a drooling mess. 

Another big change in my life is that I have moved house a month or so ago. I am no longer in rented accommodation, yaaaaayyyyyyyyy. 

I liked my old flat but there were a few things I wanted to change, like the horrid wallpaper and hideous living room furniture. It feels so good to start afresh and choose how every last part of the house looks. Goodbye disgusting cream leather couch *wave*. 

Anyone who’s moved house recently knows how time consuming and tiring it is, muscles were aching that I didn’t even know I had.

I’m really happy we moved in time for Autumn because a) cosy nights in a freshly decorated living room and b) it’s going to get harder to take outdoor pics for the gram soon so I’ll have to take more interior snaps soon.

So yeah, I’ve been spending a lot of time moving boxes, painting and putting up furniture. But the living room is almost done and I’m going to have more free time now, which I’m going to set aside for blogging!

For anyone who made it to the end of this post thank you, and below are some jokes from….

What the best thing about Switzerland? I don’t know, but the flag is a big plus.

Did you head about the claustrophobic astronaut? He just needed a little space.

Why don’t scientists trust atoms? Because they make up everything.

How do you drown a hipster? Throw him in the mainstream.

What does a nosy pepper do? Get jalepeno business. 

Thank you and good night all! 

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