Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Catch Up: What I Got Up To In April

Hello there.

I love reading these type of posts cos I’m a nosey bugger and I haven’t blogged in a while, so I thought now would be as good a time as any to do one of my own.

Chocolate Festival

Okay so this was technically right at the end of March, but I just wanted to think about it again. After all it was a chocolate festival. Chocolate. Festival. That’s pretty much my dream. I actually heard about this a couple of years ago but I kept missing it. Well I finally went and it was a beautiful  sunny day and there was chocolate everywhere. I went with the boyfriend and my dad, who brought his 3 doggos. I hadn’t seen my dad for a little bit before then so it was good to have a catch up. Food wise I went for cookie dough with cream and toppings and some fancy ice cream.

All You Can Eat Pizza & Prosecco

The Didsbury family went out for all you can eat pizza and prosecco at Buca di Pizza. The pizza was good, we had a great day and we ended up drinking way into the night. However, truth be told I was not overly impressed with the all you can eat offer. They started by telling us we were not allowed to chug our drinks, which immediately puts you a bit on edge. Also, who goes to a place like that to have one or two glasses of prosecco? It’s kind of a given you’re there to drink away your afternoon. Also I thought the pizza would be more buffet style so you can have lots of different flavours. But you each order a pizza at a time and given that I’m a veggie and most people had meat on their pizza I couldn’t do swapsies with anyone. For the boys who were drinking beer it wasn’t value for money, a pizza and a beer or two came to less than what we paid for the all you can eat option.

House Guests

So we’ve had a few house guests over April, including my boyfriends friends from back home, his parents and my family. It’s been a busy household, which has been lots of fun. It has also forced me to keep on top of my house chores, not that I forget to hoover ever hem. So I have spent a lot of weekends showing people the orders of Manchester, drinking myself into a hangover and eating even more pizza.

Pub Quiz

The place we normally do the pub quiz was renovated recently so our Tuesday tradition got put on hold for a little bit. It opened again at the end of March I think, but I didn’t go back until a couple of weeks ago. First time back and we won, yay! You either get a £40 bar tab or gamble for the cash prize. We gambled and lost, but you still get a bunch of sweets, chocolate and alcohol if you lose the gamble so happy days. I haven't taken a pic at the quiz but I did eat a delicious Sunday roast there last month, hence this pic....


It was my friends birthday so a few of us headed down to Oxford to celebrate as one of the group goes uni there. It was a gloriously sunny day so we headed to a beer garden during the afternoon and took lots of group pics, while also face timing our friend who is currently in Indonesia. Then we pre-drank and headed out to the club to get our dance on. It was a lot of fun pretending to be a student again for the night, although we did say ‘I’m too old for this shit’ a million times.

My Sisters Birthday

As I said above I had my family stay over one weekend and this was to celebrate my sisters birthday. As it was during the heatwave I took everyone to Chorlton as there are some big beer gardens there. We all got drunk in the sun then headed back to Didsbury to have some Tapas at Nueve, which was really delicious and I would recommend going if you're ever in the vicinity. Then we had a lot of tequila and stumbled back home.

No Refined Sugar

I am going on holiday in a few weeks with 22 other girls for a hen party. I know I shouldn’t worry about how I look but sometimes it’s hard not to. So I decided to give up refined sugar to lose a bit of weight before I squeeze into my swimwear. I gave up refined sugar last year for lent and I felt so healthy and hoary afterwards. Unfortunately the call of chocolate was too strong for me to resist.

So that’s what I have been up to while I’ve been missing from my blog last month. How was your April?
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