Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Four TV Shows I Got Hooked On Recently

I love sitting down and watching TV.

Straight after work I love to kick off my shoes, jump into my cosies and sit motionless in front of the telly for a good few hours. Because after a long day of sitting in an office, a good sit is just what you need!

I have really been slacking in my binge-watching of TV shows, been out there actually doing real life things. What a fool!

So I put a bit more effort in over the past few weeks and managed to finally start ticking some off my long to-watch list. 

These are the ones that I have been instantly fell in love with and have been hooked on…

Big Little Lies

I saw some hype for this when it came out but I didn’t pay it too much attention. Boy was that a mistake. 

I love how they structured telling the story. You see flashes of a police press conference where they’re talking about some unknown horrendous crime that has been committed, snippets of people getting interviewed in the police station and then the main part, which is the events leading up to whatever they are talking about in the press conference. 

Ahhhh you just really wanna know what has happened, all you can make out is that someone has been hurt. But as you learn more about the characters you realise it could be so many of them. Lots of people have reason enough to hurt someone. It’s super tense, I loved it. Hurry up season 2!!!


As soon as I saw Dawn French was in this show I knew I’d be watching it.

I started it a couple of days ago so I am only a couple of episodes in, but I am so excited to see where it’s gonna go. The premise is basically Dawn French’s character was married to a guy but he had an affair and left her for the other woman, then he has an affair on this woman with Dawn French. Cue lots of drama!

The story has already gone a different way to what I think so I’m expecting it will be one that keeps me on my toes.


Okay, please tell me someone else is watching this? At the time of writing this there have only been three episodes released, why can’t every show release a full series at time. Netflix has spoilt us.

So the main guy Andrew (played by Stephen Mangan) is living two whole lives. That’s right, two. I can barely manage to keep on top of one while he has two wives, two children, two houses, two cars, two everything. Andrew is a travel writer so he spend 6 months “abroad”, which explains his absences for each family. There have been a few pretty tense scenes already, I can not wait to see how the story unfolds.


I am extremely late to the game with this one, i knew there was a lot of hype about it when it first came out but I never got around to it. Not sure why but I always thought it was a horror about a haunted house in the countryside. Turns out it’s not, but some pretty horrific things do go on at a house by the seaside.

The story starts with the murder of an 11 year old boy. David Tennant and Olivia Colman play the detectives who are put on the case, both give brilliant performances. It’s one of those stories where you’re trying to guess who it is every 5 mins, often getting it wrong. I blasted through series one but I believe there are two more left, yay! 

What TV shows have you been hooked on lately? I’d love to hear as I am continuously looking for new things to watch.


  1. Those last two shows sound interesting! Will definitely have to check them out. I've been watching MTV's The Challenge and America's Next Top Model.

    1. They are so good, I'm looking forward to starting season 2 of Broadchurch. I've never heard of the challenge, I'll look into it :) xx

  2. I haven't seen any of these but they sound good, I'll definitely check some of them out! Currently hooked on Gossip Girl & The Defiant Ones on Netflix! xx

    Yasmin 💗
    The Sweet Seven Five


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