Sunday, 11 March 2018

A Typical Phone Call To My Mum

Happy Mother’s Day!

I hope everybody is having a lovely day, whatever you are up to!

I’ve decided to be a great daughter and poke a little fun at my Mum this Mother’s Day. Because I’m just that nice.

I’m gonna talk about phone calls. Do you ever call your mum up to ask her a question or to tell her about something that’s happened in your life, but she totally side tracks you and dominates the conversation?

This happens all the time with my Mum, she’s always in her own world. Here is how a typical phone call with my Mums goes…

*Ring ring, ring ring, ring ring* 

Me: Hi Mum!


Me: Mum?

Mum: HELLO? Hi, are you there?

Me: Yes, hi Mum, I’m here?

Mum: Hello?

Me: Hi

Mum: Oh hi. Are you OK? Where are you?

Me: Yeah I’m fine, are you?

Mum: Yeah, where are you?

Me: I’m just waking home, why?

Mum: What street?

Me: You don’t know the names of streets near me, why does it matter?

Mum: I just want to know where you are, are you nearly home?

Me: Yes, I’m just 5 minutes away.

Mum: Don’t go down any alleyways, stay on the main streets!

Me: Yes, okay I will. So -

Mum: Good, you have to be safe out there.

Me: I know Mum, I am.

Mum: How’s work? Are you getting a promotion?

Me: What, no. It’s fine, it’s work.

Mum: You should get a promotion.

Me: Right, yeah thanks. Maybe soon. So -

Mum: Are you eating healthily?

Me: Yeah fi-

Mum: Do you eat pineapple? It burns fat, I’m eating lots of it.

Me: I don’t like pineapple.

Mum: But it’s healthy, you should eat it.

Me: I don’t like pineapple Mum, I’ll eat other things.

Mum: Oh ok then, do you eat other healthy things then?

Me: Yeah I guess,  if you class pizza as heal-

Mum: What about exercise, are you exercising a lot? Are you running?

Me: A bit yeah, I need to do more probably.

Mum: Yes keep up with it, it’s good for you. Pineapple and exercising, it’s all good for you.

Me: Right yeah, I’ll keep that in mind. So - 

Mum: How are your ferrets? Do they miss their grandma?

Me: Yeah, they’re fine. 

Mum: They miss their grandma. They do, they miss their grandma.

Me: I’m sure they do.

Mum: It’s been cold, have you been wrapping up?

Me: Yeah of course, it’s freezing.

Mum: Oh good. You need a big coat on, and a hat. Are you wearing a hat?

Me: Yes, I’m wearing a hat.

Mum: Good, good. It’s freezing. Make sure you wear a hat and a big coat. 

Me: So -

Mum: Alright then, gotta go. I’ll call you later.

Me: Wait, Mum I actually - 


Me: Typical.

Anyone else have calls like this with their Mum? 


  1. You look so like your Mum! This conversation is so cute, they always have a million things going on at once bless them :D love the pineapple xx

    Gemma • Gemma Etc . ❤️

    1. Everyone says that haha. They do, it's like word vomit and then they hang up lol. xx

  2. haha I love this! This sounds more like my Dad than my Mum - my Mum is more chilled than him but he's forever asking questions like this! And always about my car too - 'have you checked your oil?!' haha
    Amy xx

    1. Aww bless him, he definitely sounds like my mum! My dads the chilled one.x x


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