Wednesday, 14 March 2018

My Body Confidence Slump & What I Plan To Do About It

As I finish up my second Easter egg of the week (chocolate eggs taste better than normal chocolate and we gotta take advantage of them while they’re here) I start to think about my New Years goal to get healthier. 

It’s not exactly going to plan.

I feel like every year I say that this is the year, this is the year where I will strut down a beach in my bikini just oozing body confidence. And every year I spend as little time in swimwear as possible and cover up as much as I can.

Well, all I’ve done so far is a few workouts (with long stretches of time in-between each), as well as eating my own body weight in pizza three times over.

Last year I was so much more motivated to workout and I felt a helluva lot better for it. If I was walking down the street past a group of people and start to feel self conscious I would remind myself that this body ran ten miles on Sunday so who cares if people think it looks bad. When I’m working out it gives my body another purpose, so I start to care less about how it looks and more about what it can do, if that makes sense. 

We all know people look absolutely beautiful in a variety of shapes and sizes, and that people can gain body confidence in many ways. For me personally I have gone past the weight I am comfortable with. And it’s not the number on the scales that’s telling me that, I stopped caring about that number a long time ago. It’s how I feel in my clothes and when I look at myself in the mirror, I just don’t feel like me any more. 

When I gave up refined sugar for lent last year it was the healthiest I have ever felt. I was practically just eating fruit, vegetables and whole wheat food so it’s no surprise. Nowadays I am eating shit and it is making me feel shit.

So what am I going to do about it?

Firstly I am not going to be so hard on myself. Whenever I have wanted to get in shape before I just had these bad thoughts about my body going around in my head and it did not motivate me, it just made me feel down and when I am down I reach for the chocolate. So I’m going to go into this with a happy and positive mind (she says hopefully). 

Secondly I am going to keep track of what I eat. I will do this using My Fitness Pal, an absolutely amazing app that is incredibly easy to use. Snacking is my let down, I too easily convince myself that one piece of chocolate here or bag of crisps there won’t make any difference.

Thirdly, I am going to get back into a workout routine. Once I am in a routine it’s all easy, it’s just the initial ‘getting into the routine’ that’s bloody difficult. As I said above I feel so much better about my body when I am working out and it releases a whole bunch of endorphins, 

Finally, I am going to set myself some goals. Not just one big goal, but lots of mini goals. My main goal can feel so unachievable sometimes, it will take me months and months to get to it. I feel disheartened and lose motivation. So I’m gonna set myself a bunch of mini goals to lead up to it. 

Okay so it’s easy enough to write all this shit down, the hard part is sticking to it. Wish me luck! What do you do to help you keep motivated to eat healthy or workout? Any tips to share?

Monday, 12 March 2018

The Comfiest Jeans I Ever Did Buy

I have basically been living in jeans since November.

I have braved a dress with extra thick tights on occasion, when I could be bothered or had to put a bit more effort into my look, but mostly it’s been wayyy too cold for that.

I used to go out in teeny tiny dresses and no jacket, and oh how my Mum would tell me off. Now I’m the complete opposite. I struggle to leave the house without my big blanket scarf, even for nights out to the club (you can just tie it around your handbag, simple).

As well as being warm I also want to be comfortable. Always. Like, being comfortable is my biggest priority. I judge each outfit by how comfortable it is. I gotta be comfy, especially at work when I am sat at a desk for 8 hours a day. And let’s face it, jeans are not known for their comfort. Hands up if you’ve secretly undone the button after lunch….anyone?

Well, that was until I found the comfiest jeans I ever did buy - the Vice high waisted skinny jeans from Missguided.

I read all the reviews before I bought them and lots of people were saying how comfortable they found them and they were not wrong. They are literally thee comfiest pair of jeans I have ever bought. They're not elasticated waist but they feel like it, the waistband is very flexible and breathable.

Plus they’re only £20!!!

I have been living in them and they have not gone bobbly or loose, or anything else cheaper jeans tend to do. I have them in black and dark blue and the colour has kept for both of them. 

They come in three different leg lengths - Small, Regular and Long. I'm 5 feet 10 inches so obviously stayed clear of the small. I did buy a pair in Long, which are the perfect length. I also bought a pair in Regular and they are ankle grazers on me, so good to wear with trainers.

Now that Spring is (finally) on it’s way I am going to pick up a couple more pairs in lighter colours, they’re so cheap I feel like it would be rude not to.

So yeah, basically I am a twenty-something grandma who loves keeping warm and being comfortable and I wanted to spread the word of these comfy jeans to fellow comfort seekers out there. 

As you were!


Sunday, 11 March 2018

A Typical Phone Call To My Mum

Happy Mother’s Day!

I hope everybody is having a lovely day, whatever you are up to!

I’ve decided to be a great daughter and poke a little fun at my Mum this Mother’s Day. Because I’m just that nice.

I’m gonna talk about phone calls. Do you ever call your mum up to ask her a question or to tell her about something that’s happened in your life, but she totally side tracks you and dominates the conversation?

This happens all the time with my Mum, she’s always in her own world. Here is how a typical phone call with my Mums goes…

*Ring ring, ring ring, ring ring* 

Me: Hi Mum!


Me: Mum?

Mum: HELLO? Hi, are you there?

Me: Yes, hi Mum, I’m here?

Mum: Hello?

Me: Hi

Mum: Oh hi. Are you OK? Where are you?

Me: Yeah I’m fine, are you?

Mum: Yeah, where are you?

Me: I’m just waking home, why?

Mum: What street?

Me: You don’t know the names of streets near me, why does it matter?

Mum: I just want to know where you are, are you nearly home?

Me: Yes, I’m just 5 minutes away.

Mum: Don’t go down any alleyways, stay on the main streets!

Me: Yes, okay I will. So -

Mum: Good, you have to be safe out there.

Me: I know Mum, I am.

Mum: How’s work? Are you getting a promotion?

Me: What, no. It’s fine, it’s work.

Mum: You should get a promotion.

Me: Right, yeah thanks. Maybe soon. So -

Mum: Are you eating healthily?

Me: Yeah fi-

Mum: Do you eat pineapple? It burns fat, I’m eating lots of it.

Me: I don’t like pineapple.

Mum: But it’s healthy, you should eat it.

Me: I don’t like pineapple Mum, I’ll eat other things.

Mum: Oh ok then, do you eat other healthy things then?

Me: Yeah I guess,  if you class pizza as heal-

Mum: What about exercise, are you exercising a lot? Are you running?

Me: A bit yeah, I need to do more probably.

Mum: Yes keep up with it, it’s good for you. Pineapple and exercising, it’s all good for you.

Me: Right yeah, I’ll keep that in mind. So - 

Mum: How are your ferrets? Do they miss their grandma?

Me: Yeah, they’re fine. 

Mum: They miss their grandma. They do, they miss their grandma.

Me: I’m sure they do.

Mum: It’s been cold, have you been wrapping up?

Me: Yeah of course, it’s freezing.

Mum: Oh good. You need a big coat on, and a hat. Are you wearing a hat?

Me: Yes, I’m wearing a hat.

Mum: Good, good. It’s freezing. Make sure you wear a hat and a big coat. 

Me: So -

Mum: Alright then, gotta go. I’ll call you later.

Me: Wait, Mum I actually - 


Me: Typical.

Anyone else have calls like this with their Mum? 

Saturday, 10 March 2018

February Book Round Up

Another month, another few books.

Although I am not sticking to my 'one book a week on average' goal I am pleased with my effort. I’ve read a bit of a mixed bag this month and they were all hugely fascinating.

Birdsong, Sebastian Faulks

This is a devastatingly beautiful war novel set across three periods of time in the 20th century. In 1910 Stephen Wraysford, a young Englishman, is sent to a factory in Amiens (France) by his employers. He stays at Mr Azaires, the factory owners house, and quickly falls in love with his wife Isabelle. The two start an affair that is doomed from the start. World War One breaks out in 1914 and Stephen ends up fighting on the front line. 

I believe this is my first war novel and I found it completely compelling from start to finish. Reading the scenes of war, from tunnelling down the mines to climbing over the top, humbled and grounded me. We all know the war happened and that it was truly terrible, but reading stories like this helps to gain more appreciation of what everyday life would have been like for the soldiers. And also how hard it was to transition back to everyday ‘normal’ life. I read this book on my commute and I was devastated every time I had to stop reading because I was at my stop.

The Time Machine, H G Wells

This is the first modern portrayal of time travel. A Victorian scientist creates a time machine and fast forwards to the year 802,701 AD. The world he knew has disappeared, replaced by a peaceful and serene world where suffering has come to an end. Or so he thought. The Eloi are a species descended from humans, they appear to live in a carefree manner with no fear, except for a fear of the dark.The scientist soon discovers there is another descendant of man, the Morlocks, who creep around in the dark. Unfortunately for the scientist his time machine has vanished, and it looks like it’’s the Morlocks who have taken it.

The book is simply written but delves into the future of mankind with depth. As he flies forward through time and sees the world changing before his eyes, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of how small our time on this planet really is. The book is small but leaves an impression. I thoroughly enjoyed it and did not want to put it down.

The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell

Malcolm Gladwell dissects what causes epidemics in this fascinating book. He explores why small things can lead to a big epidemic, what exactly is it that makes them tip. The books uses several real world events to guide us through the topic, including Hush Puppies, Sesame Street and the American Revolution. He basically breaks it down into three concepts: the law of the few, the stickiness factor and the power of context.

After reading Blink, another Malcom Gladwell book, I was really excited to start this. All of the studies are so interesting, I feel like I’m back at university studying Psychology. Now all I need to do is take all my new found knowledge and turn my blog into an epidemic! A girl can hope.


Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Four TV Shows I Got Hooked On Recently

I love sitting down and watching TV.

Straight after work I love to kick off my shoes, jump into my cosies and sit motionless in front of the telly for a good few hours. Because after a long day of sitting in an office, a good sit is just what you need!

I have really been slacking in my binge-watching of TV shows, been out there actually doing real life things. What a fool!

So I put a bit more effort in over the past few weeks and managed to finally start ticking some off my long to-watch list. 

These are the ones that I have been instantly fell in love with and have been hooked on…

Big Little Lies

I saw some hype for this when it came out but I didn’t pay it too much attention. Boy was that a mistake. 

I love how they structured telling the story. You see flashes of a police press conference where they’re talking about some unknown horrendous crime that has been committed, snippets of people getting interviewed in the police station and then the main part, which is the events leading up to whatever they are talking about in the press conference. 

Ahhhh you just really wanna know what has happened, all you can make out is that someone has been hurt. But as you learn more about the characters you realise it could be so many of them. Lots of people have reason enough to hurt someone. It’s super tense, I loved it. Hurry up season 2!!!


As soon as I saw Dawn French was in this show I knew I’d be watching it.

I started it a couple of days ago so I am only a couple of episodes in, but I am so excited to see where it’s gonna go. The premise is basically Dawn French’s character was married to a guy but he had an affair and left her for the other woman, then he has an affair on this woman with Dawn French. Cue lots of drama!

The story has already gone a different way to what I think so I’m expecting it will be one that keeps me on my toes.


Okay, please tell me someone else is watching this? At the time of writing this there have only been three episodes released, why can’t every show release a full series at time. Netflix has spoilt us.

So the main guy Andrew (played by Stephen Mangan) is living two whole lives. That’s right, two. I can barely manage to keep on top of one while he has two wives, two children, two houses, two cars, two everything. Andrew is a travel writer so he spend 6 months “abroad”, which explains his absences for each family. There have been a few pretty tense scenes already, I can not wait to see how the story unfolds.


I am extremely late to the game with this one, i knew there was a lot of hype about it when it first came out but I never got around to it. Not sure why but I always thought it was a horror about a haunted house in the countryside. Turns out it’s not, but some pretty horrific things do go on at a house by the seaside.

The story starts with the murder of an 11 year old boy. David Tennant and Olivia Colman play the detectives who are put on the case, both give brilliant performances. It’s one of those stories where you’re trying to guess who it is every 5 mins, often getting it wrong. I blasted through series one but I believe there are two more left, yay! 

What TV shows have you been hooked on lately? I’d love to hear as I am continuously looking for new things to watch.

Monday, 5 March 2018

How I Spent Three Nights In Iceland

A few years ago my boyfriend gave me one of the best Christmas presents I have ever received - a three night trip to Reykjavik, Iceland. 

It was one of the most memorable trips of my life. The country is absolutely stunning and the locals are super friendly. Although we were only there for a short time we managed to get a lot done thanks to a lot of prior planning and preparation.

We stayed at the Laxness hotel which is just a very quick bus ride away from all of the action, but far away enough from the city lights that you can see the northern lights through your bedroom window.

Free Walking Tour

Free walking tours are an amazing creation. Our guide was a local student who was studying history, which tied in nicely with the tour. He gave us a lot of insight and heartfelt stories to the statues dotted around the city centre, as well as giving us some good insights into the current culture of Iceland. One story that stood out was how a comedian with no background in politics became mayor of Reykjavik!

The Food

So the first thing we actually ate in Iceland was a dominos. To be fair we landed really late at night and the floor was, surprisingly, super icy. So we slid over to the closest place possible. We did eat some good local food while we were there too. This included the super fresh caught-that-day fish and chips, the novel and delicious bread bowl soup, the thick creamy milkshakes at the Lebowski Bar and the famous Bill Clinton approved hotdogs.

Northern Lights

You can’t go to Iceland without trying to see the northern lights, so we booked to go on one of many tours that are available. We took a coach ride out of the city and into a bar in the middle of a field, then basically waited for them to show themselves. You’re not always guaranteed to see them so it’s a lot of waiting around. And we were kept waiting a really long time. Everybody had given up and got on the coach, we were the last ones to step on, when finally they lit up the sky! They were directly above us at one point so lots of us led down in the snow to gaze up at them. It was a magical and memorable experience. We were also lucky enough to see them from our bedroom window on the last night and on the plane ride home.

Whale Watching

Seeing a whale in real life and in their natural habitat is an experience at the top of my bucket list. I just can’t conceive in my head how big they are, I need to see it with my own eyes. Well unfortunately winter is not the time to go see them, you’ll have a lot more luck in the warmer weather. So I did not get to see one, *insert crying face emoji*. While we didn’t get to see any whales we did get to see some dolphins and seals, and it was so much fun to just be on the boat and take in the breathtaking scenery.

Happy Hours

Everyone knows Iceland can be pricey. This is why we booked the trips ahead of time to spread out the cost a little more. It’s also why we decided to pop into a pub advertising a happy hour. Then we decided to go to the pub next door which just so happened to have a happy hour on too. Fast forward a few hours and we have hit every happy hour on the strip and are super drunk and making friends with a bunch of locals who love Monty Python. The night was so much fun, the hangover less so.

Blue Lagoon

I have recently talked about my trip to the blue lagoon in another post. I loved it so much I wanted to go into it in a bit more detail. It was one of the highlights of the trip, a day I have never forgotten. It was surreal, beautiful and completely relaxing. We went there during the midst of the selfie stick boom, so we took a lot of basic pictures and absolutely loved it! We stopped by on the way to the airport on our last day, literally the perfect ending to the trip.

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