Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Lusting Over Sexy Mother Pucker

I am going through a huge Soap & Glory phase at the moment, I’m lusting over their body care products and their make up collection.

One make-up product I think they have practically perfected is their Sexy Motherpucker lipstick. I love them so much I now have three of them and, if I’m totally honest with myself, I’m probably going to buy some more.

A couple of them are powder-coat mattes and one is a glass-coat high shine. I find they go on really smoothly, they’re full of moisture, so they don’t dry out my lips like some other lipsticks, and they stay on a decent amount of time. 

Also, not that it matters much, but they smell really good too. Classic Soap & Glory.

This is the one I wear the most often. I like to keep my makeup quite natural most days and this one is really subtle. Nudes are usually a no-go for me but this one actually works.

I am really getting into pink lipsticks, blushers and eyeshadows. This one I’m wearing more when I want to add a little extra something to my look if I’m popping to the pub quiz during the week or when I hit the shops at the weekend.

Red is a daring look for me so this is the one I wear the least. I wear it when I want to add some sass to a look, so I mainly save it for nights out or special occasions. Or sometimes I'll wear it during the day when I’m feeling very brave!

A short but sweet post, I just really wanted to share my love for these products. What’s your favourite, go-to lipstick?



  1. I love the soap and glory lipsticks, super nude is my most worn lipstick ever!
    Amy xx


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