Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Giving Myself A Little Bit Of TLC

I have been going through a somewhat stressful and anxiety inducing time lately, putting no time aside for some TLC. 

When I go through these times it is more than easy for me to simply wallow. I will focus on all the negatives, stop looking after myself, not have motivation to do anything I enjoy and just sleep or be sleepy all of my free time. 

Well recently I did a lot of wallowing, and as fun as that was (picture me a pizza and family sized bag of crips down, with 5 day old hair and with a continuous grumpy expression on my face) I decided it was time to do something about it. So when I found myself with a free weekend I thought it would be the perfect time for a little bit of TLC from me to me. So here’s what I did…

Tidied My Bedroom

I do like to keep on top of my bedroom but when I am wallowing that dirty pile of laundry will just keep growing, the smaller clean pile of laundry will stay on the bed instead of being hung up in the wardrobe, makeup wipes will cover the table and my shoes will be all over the floor. I gave my room a big spring clean cinderella style and even bought a few homeware items from the fabulous Primark (I am loving all of their fake plants cos I keep killing real ones). Now my bedroom is all clean and pretty.

Pampered Myself

I took an extra long, extra hot shower. I used all of the lovely Soap & Glory products I got for Christmas and came out with silky smooth skin smelling like a god damn princess. I then used all of my lotions and potions: the body butters, face creams and hair care saviours. I felt like a brand new person. Tip - it’s better to tidy your room beforehand because it’s so much more fun pampering yourself in a tidy room. The next day I had a lovely long Lush bath, with candles strewn all over the bathroom and an easy reading book to hand.

Spent Some Time Alone

I remember a few months ago when the boyfriend was away with work or on holiday all of the bleeding time. I love being on my own but eventually I started to get a little lonely. Well now he’s gone through a long stretch where he hasn’t had to go away and yes it’s great to spend time with him but also can he just go away for one weekend please? Well instead of kicking him out of the house into the cold winter weather I decided I would set up shop in my newly cleaned bedroom, letting him have full control of the big TV in the living room, which naturally  for him meant Xbox o’ clock. It was a win-win situation!

Binge Watched My Not-So-Guilty Pleasure

Rewind 5 years ago and there I am sat at a friends house saying Pretty Little Liars is shit and not something I’d ever watch. Fast forward a few years and I am an unashamed addict. I quickly zoomed through it the first time around, I couldn't get enough. The boyfriend and I like to watch a lot of TV and movies, but it can sometimes (read often) be difficult to find something that we’re both in the mood to watch. So when I locked myself away for the weekend I took great pleasure in binge watching this for 2 days. It is my happy place, I love it. There’s something about it that always put me in a good mood. 

Treated Myself

Like I ever need an excuse to treat myself, but it had been a few months since I had bought myself something I wanted but didn’t necessarily need. So I popped to Primark to use that gift card I got for my birthday, I cashed in all of my ASOS vouchers to help buy some sassy new dresses and cosy jumpers and I also popped into the Superdrug near my work to take advantage of their offers. By being a little clever with the vouchers and offers I was able to treat myself without breaking the bank, 10 adult points to Laura.

Worked On My Blog

As I wrote about in one of my recent posts I have really been enjoying working on the ol’ blog lately. I feel productive without actually having to leave the house, without actually having to leave the bed. I stopped writing things for a few months because I was in a deep wallow, so it felt good to brush the dust of my keyboard and get writing again. I’ve also been reading a lot of how-to posts and watching some tutorials on YouTube and Skill Share. I love learning new things, it’s fun and it gives me a sense of achievement.

Did Some Life Admin

Maybe not as much fun as some of the others, but getting through a bit of life admin can tidy up my mind. A lot of the time the things I worry about are so easily resolved, but I build them up in my head so much that I keep putting them off which ends up making things worse. So I thought I would tick off a whole bunch of life admin things and boy did it feel good. What a relief!

So those are some of the ways I gave myself a little bit of tender love and care. I have been trying to keep them up and they’ve helped make me more happy lately, just what I needed after a long stretch of wallowing. How do you give yourself a little bit of TLC?



  1. I always feel better after a big tidy up and then a bath! Treating yourself is always guaranteed happiness too!!
    Have a lovely day :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop

    1. Same, tidy house = tidy mind. I instantly feel relaxed. You too lovely 😊 xx

  2. Wow you got so much done! Having a tidy of my bedroom instantly makes me feel so much better! And a bath and a book is always a good idea. My boyfriend and I work really different shifts, which can be annoying as sometimes we barely see each other, but at the same time I do love a bit of alone time! Hope you are feeling better now :)
    Amy xx

    1. I did, but a lot of it was from the comfort of my bed ☺️ Aw I feel ya, my boyfriend and I used to work really different shifts and it can be tough. Thanks lovely xxxx

  3. Self care is the best! You accomplished so much!

    xx Chelsea

    1. Isn't it, you need a selfish weekend every now and then!


  4. Binge Watched My Not-So-Guilty Pleasure - for me it would be Grey's Anatomy! I still have a few seasons to catch up with but I am saving this for binge watching hahaha

    1. I've not watched Greys Anatomy yet but so many people rave about it, maybe I should give it a go :) x


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