Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Blue Lagoon, Reykjavik, Iceland

 I usually like to make sure that there will be plenty of sunshine when I go on holiday, it helps to balance out all the rainy days we get in Manchester.

However, I do also love getting all wrapped up snug and visiting a snowy destination.

One of my most favourite and memorable holidays was my trip to Reykjavik in Iceland. It’s a beautiful city that is picture perfect almost everywhere you look.

I loved all of my time there but one of the highlights was definitely visiting the Blue Lagoon.

It’s located fairly close to the airport, so a lot of places will offer to drop you off there and then pick you up a few hours later to take you on to the airport. We were only in Reykjavik for a few days so we though this was a great way to squeeze it into the trip.

You have to book in advance as it’s obviously quite a popular tourist attraction so plenty of people head there. Don’t worry about overcrowding though, when I went there was more than enough room for everyone and I think they actually limit the amount of people using it at once now. Yay, more room for silly pictures!

It was so…surreal to be there. It felt like I was going against all my natural instincts stepping outside in a bikini! I speedily made my way over to the lagoon where I warmed up at once. The temperature is on average around 37-40 degrees, yassss.

Dotted around the edge of the lagoon are free silica mud masks, so you get to give yourself a bit of a facial (insert sassy emoji). You can apply it to the rest of your body too to get silky smooth skin all over.

You don’t even have to leave the warm water to get a drink as they have a pool bar where you can get an alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink. If I remember correctly we had a slushy but the smoothie is supposed to be good too.

If you are brave enough to step out of the water then there is also a sauna and steam room you can pop into. So you can be all toasty warm while looking out at the beautiful views. I gave it a go but personally I am not a fan of saunas as the heat makes me dizzy.

We took our go-pro when we visited so we were able to take lots of fun photos. If you have a waterproof camera then definitely remember to take it with you. Trust me, you will want to take all of the pictures.

It is a must-go if you are visiting Reykjavik. A picture of this place should be next to the dictionary definition of tranquil. Drifting around the milky blue water was so calm and relaxing, I felt completely at peace.



  1. I absolutely loved the Blue Lagoon, it was definitely my highlight of Iceland! You're right it is so surreal, it's just so beautiful and relaxing, we spend a good few hours there!
    Amy xx

    1. Same, it was hard to leave!! Such a beautiful place :) xxx

  2. My dirty secret? I lived for sometime in Iceland and never went to Blue Lagoon! I need to do that!

    1. no way! You should definitely go, it's a lot of fun :) xx

  3. This looks so lovely - Iceland has been on my bucket list for ages! x

    Maria | The Chic Pursuit


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