Wednesday, 28 February 2018

9 Things I Really Need To Start Doing

So we get older and the expectation is that we will also get a little wiser.

While there are many things that I am now doing that I would not have 10 years ago, I actually wear weather appropriate clothes for the most part, the scales are probably still tipping in favour of me being a clueless youth.

But being a full time adult is hard work, like, really hard work! And the older I get the more I am starting to realise there is no such thing as proper grown up. The biggest lie since Santa Claus!

I am creeping towards 30 more quickly than I would like to admit, and I do not have as much shit together as I thought I would when I was a naive 15 year old. 

My plan was to meet the person of my dreams by 20, be engaged by 24, married by 25 and have my first child by 26. I would have some big important job that people would be impressed to hear about at all the cocktail parties I was sure to attend. I would be fancy enough to do my weekly shop at M&S and I’d have a glass of red wine with my evening meals. 

I’m older than all of them and I’m wise enough to know things are going to go as planned. Mainly because I’ve surpassed the above ages and they didn’t happen.

Anyways, here are some of the things I think I should probably do a bit more often. And I am trying, I promise. Sort of.

1. Reply to my scary emails quickly

At work I am Super Organised Woman, who gets the most difficult tasks out of the way at the start of the day and loves to check things off her to-do list. When it comes to my personal life I am quite literally the complete opposite. When I have to deal with real life problems I can be a bit of an avoider! I will straight up not open my emails because I am scared of a reply I might get, which is super annoying when at the same time I know I have an email coming through that I actually want to read.

2. Check my balance

Oh boy. From talking to people I know I am not alone in this one. This falls under the whole ‘me avoiding things’ section. It’s scary though, right? I know that ASOS order was probably a little too big, but I love all of the pretty clothes. I’m just gonna put on my new boots and pretend reality doesn’t exist for a little longer.

3. Control my spending habits

Which brings me nicely onto this one. My shopping habits can be hugely influenced by my emotions. If I am sad I will place a big order on ASOS for clothes I don’t really need and if I am bored at work I will pop into Superdrug to buy another moisturiser even though I have 3 unused ones on my dressing table. I need to start to keep a spreadsheet of my outgoings, anyone know a good app for that?

4. Save more money

Look at me smoothly linking all the points together. Saving money is a big one. I mean, yay for me I have actually finally started saving but it is nowhere near what it should be. Granted I have been on a low-ish wage so it’s been a bit difficult. But I could have saved more if I put my heart into it. Luckily I’m getting a bit of a pay rise with my new job so I should be able to start building up a proper nest egg soon!

5. Housework

Okay, moving away from money related ones, everybody’s favourite word…housework! To be fair to me I have been putting a little more effort into this one lately. I had to, the boyfriend practically gave me an ultimatum! It’s boring and major effort but I do love relaxing in a tidy house.

6. Be more confident

I need to let go of some of my life-long insecurities and have more confidence in myself. That includes confidence in my skills and abilities as well as not caring what other people think. I have surprised myself lately with some of the things I have achieved, I need to own my strong points more. Lord knows I focus on my weak points often enough!

7. Make some Doctors appointments

Anyone else really rubbish at this? My arm could be dangling off and I would be able to convince myself that it’s fine, it’ll heal on it’s own and I’d just be wasting the Doctors time. T’is but a flesh wound, any Monty Python fans out there?

8. Stop eating as much pizza

Lately pizza has become one of my main food groups. I love it, I do, it’s one of humans greatest achievements. But even I have to admit that I should cut back. I need to have more home cooked healthy meals again instead of being lazy and ordering a takeaway. 

9. Start running again

Running, and just exercising in general. During winter I really lost motivation. I prefer exercising first thing in the morning but I’ve struggled waking up when it’s so dark out. Well it’s getting lighter now so there really is no excuse anymore. I miss how much healthier and happier I felt when I worked out regularly.

What do you need to do more? Or are you totally nailing this life thing?

P.S sorry for the really unrelated photo, my phone has broke so I had to dig through the archives!


  1. Oh, can definitely relate to needing to reply to scary emails more quickly haha! This was such a fun list to read through :) x

    1. Ahthank you, glad you enjoyed it! It's so much easy to avoid them though right?! xx

  2. Can totally relate to "emotional shopping"! I'm trying to work on that too but it's hard ^^ I also want to start saving more money and stop being afraid of emails haha


    1. Emotional shopping is so bad, I'm such an impulse buyer. Glad I'm not the only one who ignores emails haha xx

  3. I totally lose the motivation to exercise in the winter as well. As soon as it starts getting sunnier I'll start running again though! xx

    1. That's what I keep telling myself too! Once the snow melts it's time to put on the running shoes! xx

  4. You are totally preaching to the choir! I think I need to start doing just about all of these too! Haha. loved the post and thanks for sharing!

    Alex |

    1. ahaha not just me then! Thank you so much lovely :) xxx

  5. Wooo! Good luck with all things you want to do! I am sure you will be able to achieve them even if not this month, next month!!! I've got back to running and girl! It's an amazing feeling being able to see progress.

    1. Thanks, and well done on the running! That's exactly the feeling I am after, hopefully by the end of March I'll be there :) xx


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