Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Thailand Travels: My Route & What I Got Up To

Taking a trip to Thailand has been on my bucket list for about ten years now. 

One of my friends is currently on a solo adventure around Asia, which is hugely impressive and inspiring and also provided me the perfect excuse to finally book some plane tickets. I had never been to Asia so i was beyond excited to go and haven’t shut up about it since.

I found my flights on Sky Scanner and it was around £400-£450 for a return. I flew with Oman Air, with the connecting flight in Muscat. The airline was pretty good - lots of film choice, fairly comfortable and plenty of food (super important). 

It was the furthest I have ever travelled on my own, which sounds more exciting than it is. In reality I binge ate a lot snacks, had a movie marathon and took lots of naps.

The route we went on was Bangkok > Kanchanburi > Hua Hin > Bangkok. This gave us a good mix of city/rural/beach life.

We stayed in hostels for the most part. The hostels are on every corner and you can book them really easily through sites like Hostel World, each night was around £5-£10 each. We thought we’d treat ourselves on the last night so stayed in an Air BnB on the outskirt of Bangkok. Even this was cheap, I think it was something like £20 each for 4 of us.


A lot of people say bad things about Bangkok. I don’t think it is a place I could stay in for a while but I enjoyed my time there. 

The city is lively and bustling, there’s so much going on everywhere: tuk tuks weaving their way through the traffic, smells of food sizzling from the street carts, music pouring out of bars, crowds of people laughing.

I went to so many temples, including Wat Arun which is one of the more well known temples. We actually took a boat taxi down the canal to get there, boat taxis are so much better than land taxis. 

I  also managed to navigate my way down the famous Khao San Road on a Friday night, which was no easy feat. The is one of the most crowded and overly noises streets in the whole of Bangkok, but I feel it's something you have to tick off the list. Luckily there's a calmer but still lively street that runs parallel, this is where I spent most of my nights.


We went to Kanchanburi for the sole purpose of visiting Elephants World. This is an elephant sanctuary where the staff “work for the elephants, and the elephants not for us”. I cannot say enough how much I loved my time at this sanctuary. It was so lovely because we were just following the elephants around on their day, rather than them doing things for us. I am planning on writing up whole post on this place alone because I want to go into it in a lot more detail.

We also went to the bridge over the river Kwai. This is a historically and notoriously famous bridge; the construction was organised by the Japanese who used Australian, American and British troops who were prisoners of war. During the construction 13,000 prisoners of war died and an estimated 80,000 - 100,000 civilians also died. 

Hua Hin

So we wanted to fit in a bit of beach time in the trip, because you can’t go to Thailand without a getting a bit of vitamin sea. We went to Hua Hin because it was close to Bangok from. If you’re looking for a good night out then I would probably head somewhere else. Hua Hin had minimal night life and what it did have wasn’t exactly my scene.

The beach was just what we needed after quite a few active days. It was so relaxing to float around in the sea, take lots of silly photos and sunbathe while listening to podcasts. If you’re ever planning a holiday where you’re moving around a lot than I highly recommend you start in the most active place and end in the most relaxing. 

So that rounds up my small but sweet trip to Thailand. I feel like I haven’t even touched the surface and I’m already mentally planning another trip. Have you ever been, or is it on your bucket list? Where would you recommend going?

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