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17 Things That Made Me Smile In 2017

Last year I wrote a post called ’16 Things I Loved About 2016’.

I enjoyed writing it as it was a good reminder of all the fun things that happened. 

Around this time of year I always see people saying ‘good riddance to this year’, it can be easy to focus too much on the crappy days rather than the happy days.

So here are 17 things that made me smile this in 2017…

1. New Years In Amsterdam

Kicking off the new year in Amsterdam with my family was a memorable experience to say the least. They sure know how to throw a party over there! It was basically a massive street party with fireworks going off left, right and centre. I highly recommend.

2. Surprise Parties

This year my brother and his fiancé both turned 30, which meant I got to attend two surprise parties! Lots of fun but also extremely tense when you arrive just 10 minutes before the birthday girl.

3. Drunken Dusseldorf Days

My brother decided to go to Dusseldorf for his 30th so a whole bunch of us headed there in February. It was my first time visiting Germany and ended up being a rather boozy few days! We also managed to make a little day trip to Cologne where the older people were dressed up as clowns, apparently part of some 3 month long festival.

4. Meat Free January Turned Vegetarian

I decided to go meat free in January for moral reasons. I managed to make it through the month and the rest of the year too, turns out it’s a lot less difficult than I thought it would be! Although hand on heart I have had about 5 meat cheats throughout the year.

5. Refined Sugar Free

If you knew me during lent I was probably not a  lot of fun to be with! I decided to give up refined sugar for lent, which was one of the most difficult things to give up. However I never felt healthier, so I’ll be looking to cut down a  lot in 2018.

6. Backpacking Around Europe

To go backpacking anywhere has been high on my to-do list for a long time, so I was beyond excited to throw the backpack on and trek around Europe. Until I realised how heavy the backpack was, next time I need to pack way less. No one needs 5 pairs of shoes!

7. Getting Into Podcasts

The boyfriend downloaded lots of podcasts for our trip around Europe, and since then I have been hooked. They are a great way to hear stories from all walks of life, learn new things and keep up with what’s happening in the world. I have written a couple of podcasts posts on the blog and will end up writing a lot more, but some of my favourites are The Guilty Feminist, This Paranormal Life and My Dad Wrote A Porno.

8. Visiting Local Areas

In 2016 my sister visited lots of local towns and cities, which inspired me to do the same in 2017. You don’t have to travel far to see interesting places. A couple of my favourites are Buxton and Knutsford. 

9. So Much Good Food

Despite having some new restrictions on my diet in 2017 I have managed to eat a lot of really delicious. Whether it’s been over indulging in Black Milk Cereal in the Northern Quarter or having the flavourful vegetarian restaurant Greens, there’s been no shortage of tasty meals. 

10. Krka Waterfalls

During my trip around Europe I got to tick off something that’s been on the bucket list for some time, Krka National Waterfalls. Just as beautiful in real life as the pictures show.

11. Edinburgh

I also made it to Edinburgh, which has been on the to-go list for a while. Edinburgh is a beautiful city full of character in every turn and also home to so many Harry Potter landmarks I nearly cried at one point. True story. 

12. Weddings

This year I was lucky enough to attend three beautiful weddings in three beautiful locations. What’s not to love about weddings? You get all glammed up, eats lots of food and dance the night away.

13. Pumpkin Patch

I decided to be completely basic this year and go get my pumpkin from a pumpkin patch rather than the stores. Yeah, I did it mainly for the Instagram. Unfortunately I ended up going during the storms and all of my pictures were dark and grey, ah well!

14. Moving Flat

I know this was on last years list but I moved flat again, shocker! After a year of living under a noisy neighbour I have finally moved to a mostly quiet flat with 2 more bedrooms. I actually have my own wardrobe instead of sharing with the boyfriend and squishing everything into one. 

15. London At Christmas

I took my annual Christmas trip to London with the boyfriend recently and it did not disappoint. London is one of my favourite cities in the world anyway, but around Christmas it’s just that little bit more magical.

16. Thailand

I travelled to Thailand in November, I think this is the furthest away from home I have been both physically and culturally. I loved learning about their culture, spending time at the beach and visiting the Elephant Sanctuary. I actually got to touch an elephant, be still my beating heart.

17. Puppies

Finally, how can I get through a post on things that made me happy in 2017 without mentioning the fact that my dad got 3 cockapoodle puppies! They are the cutest things ever, even if they did turn out to be somewhat naughty. I’m sure they’ll grow out of it (hem).

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