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24 things I Loved About University

University simultaneously feels like a life time ago and like it was just yesterday. In reality I am an elderly woman who finished university four whole years ago. 

I am a big Buzzfeed lover, something I picked up at university, and around this time of year you cannot open the app without seeing one student article. 

It always makes me a little nostalgic, as well as insanely jealous and scared (has it really been four years?!). 

The years I spent at university were some of the best of my life. I took away a lot of fun, cringey and happy memories, as well as many lasting friendships.

So here are a bunch of things I loved about University…

1. Student Loan

Hello big pile of money I didn’t have to work for!

2. Student Card

What better way to spend that money than buying uni supplies…or hitting the shops. 20% off means I can buy 20% more right? The freebies from Mcdonalds alone were worth going to uni for.

3. Student Bar

Student bar where drinks are cheaaaap, fun and laughter, there’s enough for everyone! Seriously though, pints for less than two squid? Yes please!

4. Nights Out

Talking of student bars, I went on a ridiculous number nights out at uni. Especially in the first year, that was one long night out.

5. Take Aways

The nights out mostly ended in takeaways. Even if I wasn’t on a night out it often ended up in takeaway. I swear my diet was about 60% alcohol and 40% garlic bread pizza and cheesy chips.

6. Lecture Hours

This Monday to Friday 9-5.30 adult work life makes me miss having like 10 hours of lectures a week. 

7. Learning

I like learning new things, and at uni you get to choose a subject you’d like to learn more in depth. No more forced geography lessons, I really am shocking at geography.

8. Having My Own Room

I shared a room with my sister growing up. It wasn’t until I went to University that I had a room of my own and boy did it feel good. My own bed that wasn’t part of a bunk bed, my own wardrobe, my own drawers, my own door, my own window, I loved it!

9. Fancy Dress

There will be no other time in my life that I will dress up as much as I did at University. I was part of a society for a year so I dressed up each week, everything from an old woman to a carrot.

10. Movie Marathons

One time (at band camp) I was about to leave the house to go to a lecture when I saw my housemate was watching Lord of the Rings. We ended up watching all three movies back to back just because we could.

11. Long Breaks

I get excited about taking a long weekend these days. At University you get half terms, Christmas break, Easter break and the glorious thing that is summer break.

12. Strange Meals

Times were tough as a student, sometimes I had to make difficult decisions like should I buy something proper to eat or save that money for drinking. Cue rummaging around in my freezer and making 1 sausage, 3 chicken dippers and some questionable beans for tea.

13. Tour Tour Tour

I went on tour hardly knowing anyone in my society but came back with some pretty great friends. It was a messy four days to say the least.

14. Day Drinking

I really miss being bored at home then arranging a spontaneous trip to the pub at 1pm because what else did I have to do.

15. Daytime TV

Jeremy Kyle, Bargain Hunt, Everybody Loves Raymond. They were more than TV shows, they were my friends.

16. Silly Things

Doing silly things for absolutely no reason at all, like decorating your living room for pancake day, having a huge indoor water fight or filling someones room up with every bin you can find.

17. Banter

I miss everybody just constantly tearing each other apart, top bants.

18. Pre Drinks

Student nights were cheap but we were poor, so pre drinking was always necessary. Sometimes they were more fun than the nights out!

19. Drinking Games

Everybody has played ring of fire during pre drinks at one point in their life. That dirty pint was the absolute worst! I played lots of other drinking games too, like when the royal wedding was on. We wrote out the rules and had them stuck to the wall, it didn’t matter that it was happening first thing in the morning.

20. Gigs

I went to so many gigs through university, there was something on practically every week. I especially loved watched S Club 7 (but there was only 5 of them) and Five (but there as only 3 of them) in the same night. Lesson of that night was if you’re gonna be in a band don’t use a number in your name! Yes I went to cooler gigs but I just love telling that story.

21. Long Days In The Library

We used to head to the library with such high hopes, only for us to end up on Facebook within an hour and at the pub within two hours. 

22. Free Time

I just had so much free time at Uni, so much! What did I do with it all?! 

23. Independence

I learnt so many life skills at uni. I mainly learnt that everything costs money and now I have to pay for it all.

24. Friends Being Close

The thing I miss most of all is a friend never being more than five minutes away from me. Now it takes several weeks of planning around every bodies busy schedules to go out for a few drinks. Back then I’d just walk down the hall and say ‘drink’ to someone and we’d be at the pub within ten minutes.

What do you miss most about university? Or are you still there? If so, what do you love the most about it?



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  1. I'm jealous!!!!!! I never attended a university with dorm rooms (although I was a member of a band based at for a couple of years). Your friends at university look absolutely fabulous, and your time there at uni sounds wonderful!!!


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