Wednesday, 2 August 2017

The Stages of A Monday Run

6pm Sunday

New week, new me, starting tomorrow. I am going to workout every day, even if it’s just a light yoga sesh. I may even work out twice in a day. I am not going to touch anything unhealthy, just fruit, veg and all of the good carbs. 

8pm Sunday

I best eat the ice cream in the freezer now so I am not tempted to next week. And that chocolate bar on top of the cupboard. It’s okay though, the amount I’m going to work out next week I can eat them and get away with it. 

10pm Sunday

My body will be my temple. I’m actually gonna wake up early so I can do one workout before work and one after work. I’m not even going to be able to recognise myself by the end of the week *smug face*.

6.30am Monday

Why is my alarm going off at this time? I want to cry! It’s dark and I’m tired, what fresh hell is this?! Snooze…

6.39am Monday

It’s happening again! Snooze….

6.48am Monday

Okay so clearly I am not getting up. I’m just gonna wait for my normal alarm to go off.

7.15am Monday

Ugh not again. Snooze….

12pm Monday

If I did a workout I could choose a carb-y lunch, but I didn’t, so guess it’ll have to have a stupid salad.

5.30pm Monday

Yay it’s home time, I’m gonna go home, jump in my comfies and binge watch Net-damn it I need to do a run. Ugh, I really don’t want to.

5.45pm Monday

What if I go on a run tomorrow morning instead? Nah that won’t work. Even I don’t believe that one.

6.15pm Monday

Guess I best get ready for this stupid run. I really need to invest in some new workout clothes…

6.45pm Monday

Okay let’s do this shit.

6.50pm Monday 

I’m a fitness goddess, why didn’t I want run to run again?

6.55pm Monday


7.00pm Monday

It’s okay, it’s just 3 more lots of 5 minutes runs, you can do this…

7.01pm Monday

No way was that just one minute!

7.05pm Monday

Remember, you’re running laps around the people sat on the sofa….wish I was sat on the sofa

7.10pm Monday

I want to stop…but…so close…

7.15pm Monday

Yay I’m home! I’m so hot and dizzy and breathless, but I did it!

7.30pm Monday

Okay, I’ll say it. I am glad I went on a run. I can feel the endorphins kicking in, this feels good!

10pm Monday


7.15am Tuesday

Oh dear lord I ache so much…

7.30am Tuesday

Meh, still glad I did it! *super smug face*

9am Tuesday

Hey guess what work bff, I went on a run again last night. *super duper smug face*

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