Sunday, 20 August 2017

The Gingham Smock Dress

I am obsessed with smock dresses at the moment. They’re comfortable, stylish and flattering. What more do you need?

I am all about the comfort when it comes to clothes. Not only is it really uncomfortable to sit in skinny jeans all days, but it also makes me feel super body conscious and I go to a bad place. In other words I get sad or moody and eat ice cream when I’m home to cheer myself up. A bit counterproductive, I know. 

There are so many more comfortable and stylish options out there. When I heard elasticated waist a few years ago I thought of clothes for older ladies. Mainly because one of my clients is an over 50s fashion retailer and they love a good elasticated waist.

Now I’m actively looking for elasticated waist items, it feels so much better when you can actually breather in your clothes. 

Let’s talk about the Gingham trend. I bought something when the trend last came around, then I ended up hating it and never wearing it again. So I have been quite reluctant to buy something this time.

I am trying to buy more timeless pieces that won’t go in and out of trend.

However when I saw this dress on ASOS i instantly fell in love. It’s so perfect for summer days and most importantly, I could actually see myself wearing it time and time again.

Also, that £20 price tag! What a bargain!

I have already worn it like 5 times since buying it a few weeks ago, it has become a firm wardrobe favourite.

Fun fact, the first time I wore it was to a wedding because the boyfriend had forgotten to bring the dress I planned to wear and this was all I had. I felt quite uncomfortable at first but it got a lot of compliments (people are very nice when they’re drunk).


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  1. I agree with you wholeheartedly about the importance of comfort in clothes. I happen to love empire waists, and love the design of that pretty red gingham dress! That's a funny anecdote about the wedding - but despite being drunk, the wedding guests were right - you look fabulous wearing that pretty dress! I'm sure the ferret thinks so too. :D


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