Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Netflix Movies: August Round Up

“Didn’t you just do a Netflix post not so long ago?”

Yes, yes I did.

But as I  have said many times, Netflix is my life. So I got a lot to say on the topic! Last time the theme was British shows to binge watch, today’s post is a round up of some of the movies I have watched lately.

Some of them I’ve really liked, other ones not so much.

The Circle

The latest Netflix film with Emma Watson. I found the idea behind this film really interesting. It’s a bit social media gone mad, big brother, watch dog kinda thing. Are we sharing too much in the modern digital age? 

The film follows Emma Watson as she starts a new job at a powerful social media company

The Circle has a brilliant cast and an interesting topic, but it fails to deliver a satisfying ending. I wanted to like it, but I think I was expecting it to end in a more dramatic and meaningful way.

The Lobster

I had heard this film was quite weird beforehand. Well it definitely lived up to that expectation and then some. 

In this dystopian society you need to have a partner, if you don’t then you have 45 days to find one before you get transformed into an animal. At least it’s an animal of your choice.

The film is quirky, yet has some really deep and dark moments, sometimes really uncomfortable moments. It will leave you with a lot to think about.

Sleeping With The Enemy

If you’re looking for a thriller then this one will do the job just nicely.

Julia Roberts stars as a woman who is in an abusive and controlling relationship. Mini spoiler - she plans an escape and carries it out. But what will the husband do when he finds out?


In the spirit of being honest, I actually watched this on a coach when travelling around Europe. BUT i have just noticed it is now on Netflix and I really liked it so i wanted to put it on the list.

Melissa McCarthy is part of a spy duo with Jude Law. Melissa’s character has all of the spy smarts but lacks the confidence needed to be in the field, until her partner is murdered on the job.

She is called upon to fill his shoes, with a lot of help from her friend (Miranda Hart). I was laughing out loud throughout the film and it is definitely one I will be watching again on a Sunday afternoon.

Before I Fall

The story follows Samantha who wakes up on Cupids Day (must be some American thing?). The day revolves around her talking with her friends about losing her virginity. The students all end up at a guy called Kents party, who potentially has a crush on Samantha. 

Drama breaks out at the party, and when Samantha wakes the next day it turns out it is Cupids Day all over again...

An American teen drama, this film is Groundhog Day meets 13 Reasons Why.

Two Night Stand

Well I’ve just given this film a quick Google, and it doesn’t have the best ratings.

However, I actually quite liked it. It’s a rom-com following two people who meet online to hook up, only to be snowed in the next day. I thought the characters were interesting and somewhat relatable. 

It’s not one of those films that’s gonna make it into your top 10, but if you’re looking for an easy watching modern rom-com then I’d recommend giving it a go.

You Get Me

This is a high school thriller with a touch of romance…sort of. Basically a young couple break up one night, and on that break the guy, Tyler, sleeps with a girl named Holly.

The next day (or in a couple of days time maybe) he gets back together with his girlfriend Alison and decides to forget his little rendezvous with Holly, not telling Alison what happened.

Until Holly starts at their high school, whaaaat? Turns out she’s a bit of a psycho too. Again, this is not an amazing film but is perfect for easy watching.

I hope you found something to watch from this list. You may have noticed already, but I really like watching average films. I actually actively look for bad films to watch sometimes, they’re fun to mock and there’s less pressure when watching them. 

What films have you watched on Netflix lately? Let me know in the comments below please, I’m always on the lookout for something new. 


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