Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Happy Scoops || July 2017

So over the past few months I have been sporadically writing a happy scoops post - collecting some of the things/stories that have made me happy lately. I’ve previously talked about some heart warming moments I’ve witnessed and positivity on Twitter. Today I am going to talk about some things that have made me happy in my more immediate life.

Ragged Sham

My sister has just started her new blog and it looks a million times better than mine already. She is a graphic designer now and did art at A-level, so I’m not going to take it too hard. 

She is super creative and gives out lots of good DIY tips that are easy enough for someone as inept as me to follow. She also loves to travel so expect to see a whole bunch of amazing travel posts, I cannot wait!

Weddings Galore

This summer I have been to not one, not two, but three whole weddings! Well, two whole weddings and one wedding reception. Although it has been stressful to find an outfit, I never learned and kept buying my dresses at the last minute, I have enjoyed every one.

The first wedding took place in a beautiful mansion, with someone playing disney songs on the piano. We took a tractor ride over to a freshly decorated barn and drank all of the gin from the gin palace they had provided. The last wedding was in a tipi in the middle of nowhere near Cambridge, with wooden benches and wildflowers everywhere. Both basically looked like Pinterest had thrown up everywhere and it was incredible!


My brother threw his fiancé a surprise 30th birthday meal, with the help of her sister. We were so close to arriving at the same time as the birthday girl, I was so tense! We managed to get inside the restaurant five minutes before she showed up, phew.

It was such a lovely day and a great chance to see so many people in one place. I live in a different city to all of my family so I love it when every one gets together for family events. 

B-A-B-Y, baby

I went on a cinema date with a friend and we watched Baby Driver. I had not seen any trailers before I went, so I didn’t know what to expect.It was ah-mazing! The sound track is incredible, I have been repeatedly listening to the playlist on Spotify.

Thailand Travels

One of my friends has quit her job, packed up and flew off to Thailand to go travelling for the foreseeable future. She has done this solo, which has majorly impressed and motivated me. I am obsessively following her adventures through any social media channel possible, as well as badgering her for travelling tales.

A few of us are going to head out in November to see her and go on a mini adventure and I literally cannot wait, it’s got me through some tough days at work, let me tell ya. It will be my first time visit Asia which is something I’ve been dreaming of since I don’t know when. I also love going on a sunny holiday in the middle of Autumn, I love the cold season but it’’s good to get a little burst of sunshine.

It feels good to write down all of the things that have made me happy lately, I think I’ve been focusing too much on the stressful little moments lately. But really there has been a lot of positivity. What’s been making you happy lately?

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