Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Brunch in Vienna

Two of my favourite things in the world are food and travel.

So naturally whenever I go travelling anywhere I make sure I look up some good places to eat food beforehand.

However I completely forgot to before I got to Vienna, and I ended up doing a quick Google search on where to get breakfast one morning.

A place called Ulrich popped up, apparently known for its brunch menu. So off I headed…

The first thing I thought as I stood outside was damn this place is packed! When we talked to a waiter they immediately asked for our reservation. Clearly I had underestimated the popularity of this place.

Luckily for us there had been a no show so we were able to be seated straight away. Phew, because I was getting hangry!

They have a beautiful outside area but we were seated inside, however it was just as lovely in there too. Very cool, very hipster.

They have a very large breakfast and brunch menu, form yoghurt and granola, fruit salad and porridge to fritters, omelettes and bacon. Something for everyone, which is not always easy!

I went for an omelette, which is not my usual choice. I absolutely love omelettes but i like them how I cook them and I can be a bit fussy.

Luck was on my side this day and the omelette was delicious! I also got a hot chocolate which was just as good.

The staff were friendly and we talked a little with the guy who was serving us. Turns out he was from my home town, which is really random as I live in a tiny little town in the north of England. What are the chances!

So yeah, basically if you’re heading to Vienna and you love brunch then be are to make a stop at Ulrich. It would be probably best to book in advance but it will be worth it!

Have you been to Vienna before? What was your favourite place to eat there?


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