Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Air bnb: Private Room or Entire Home?

I think within the past few years I have used Air bnb for almost every trip away.

If you’ve booked through Air bnb before you’ll probably know that there a few room type options available. Entire home, private room and shared room.

I’m going to be talking about the two that I have frequently used: private room and entire home. Private rooms is where you have a room to yourself but share communal areas like the kitchen, bathroom, etc. Entire home is where you have the whole place entirely to yourself

I’ve actually stayed in quite a variety of private rooms. One was a bed and breakfast, one was more like a 2-bed hotel and a few of them have just been a spare room in someones house.

The bed and breakfast one was so charming and lovely. The hosts cooked us up a full english breakfast in the morning (with homemade blueberry scones!!) and they let us play with their dog. Pretty much perfection.

In Prague I stayed in a stunning 2 bed apartment in the new town. It was modernly decorated but also had lots of the original charm, the gorgeous dark wood floor was from the 18th Century! I had a large room with air conditioning, a smart TV and an absolutely huge bed, as well as my own bathroom.

There was only one other room next to mine, but the walls were so thick you couldn’t hear a peep the other guests staying there. I think I saw them once as I was leaving the flat.

So if you get a private room like the ones above, then you’re getting a pretty good deal!

However, I have also stayed in a few places where it is just a spare room in someones house. In one case it was a spare room in a student house.

I always found these ones to a little dingy and less clean than the others, which is really off putting. Especially the student flat, the bathroom was disgusting. 

Obviously they’re not all like this. Just be sure to check the reviews before you book, especially for accuracy and cleanliness.

Private rooms have always felt to me a bit intrusive, I make sure I use the communal areas as little as possible and I am also hyper aware of any noise I am making. 

When I go away I usually head out for drinks but I felt like I had to be super quiet on the way back into a shared room, like I was 14 years old trying to not wake up the parents when I was sneaking in past bed time. 

When I have the entire place to myself I feel a lot more relaxed and at ease. I don’t have to worry about awkward encounters, making small talk or keeping the noise to an absolute minimum. 

Not that I’m a particularly noisy person, I just get overly worried that I am when someone else is there.

Shared rooms are usually cheaper than private rooms, so if you are working with a tight budget then they’re a good choice. You can get some great shared rooms deals, like the bed and breakfast or the one in Prague

If you’re not working to a strict budget then I would definitely recommend getting the entire place to yourself. 

I just feel really feel so much more relaxed and that’s so important to me for a holiday. I don’t spend a massive amount of time in the room, I am usually out and about for the most part, but I still found it made a big difference.

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