Wednesday, 23 August 2017

A Pick of Pixi Products

In the words of Kirk from Gilmore Girls, I wanna get the healthy glow of someone who consistently goes to the gym without having to go to the gym of course.

I started doing a little digging around for beauty brands that would give me this effortless glow, and Pixi came up a lot. Like, a lot a lot. 

It also had a lot of great reviews behind it so I decided I would give it a go myself, to see if it was worth the hype and the price tag. Whenever I try a new brand I like to get a few of their products, so I will be writing about a couple of others too.

I picked all of these up just over a month ago now and have been using them fairly regularly ever since.

Let's start with the Pixi Glow Mist. The first thing I noticed with this is the smell, it smells like holiday in a bottle!

You put the glow mist on before and after applying make-up. It sort of works like a primer to keep your make up in place.

The spray is really refreshing, I carry it around in my handbag to spritz throughout the day.

When I put on my make up I like to use a lot of powder to keep my makeup in place. This can sometimes leave my face looking a little dry. A couple of sprays of this and my face looks more natural, without my make up washing off.

I have bought a couple of radiance moisturisers lately that were supposed to give a natural glow, instead I found there were practically just full of glitter which looked a bit ridiculous. This is way more natural looking. 

The next item I chose was the Pixi Large Lash Mascara. I originally bought this for my evening look because I thought it would give me big dramatic lashes.

Turns out it doesn’t give you really thick, dramatic lashes but instead more of a subtle look.

I have been using this as my everyday mascara which it is absolutely perfect for. It gives your lashes just enough oomph without going overboard. 

Finally I chose the Pixi Double Cleanse. I wanted to use this every evening (as it recommends) for a few weeks before writing about it. But this girl is lazy and it’s a struggle for me to remember to take my make up off each night, never mind adding two more steps to my night time ritual.

Instead I have been using this on and off, probably 1 or 2 times a week since I got it. 

The first step is a solid cleansing oil, which is something I haven’t used in a really long time, probably not since I was still using whatever was on my mums skincare shelf. 

It feels like this step gives my skin a deep clean and it is removing all of the crap that has probably accumulated throughout my day.

The second step is a cleansing cream. This one is more soothing but still feels like it’s giving a good cleanse. I heard on a podcast that you should leave your cleanser on for a little while, so I have been leaving the cream on for about 5 minutes before washing off.

I have actually just used this before writing the post so it’s fresh in my mind, my skin feels ridiculously soft, I can't stop stroking my face!

I do feel like there could be cheaper alternatives out there for the Glow Mist and the Double Cleanse. If i had been using the Double Cleanse everyday then I would have had to buy another pot already and I can't afford to keep buying it that regularly.

But maybe that’s just me being stingy, I love getting a a good bargain. 

Saying that I do really like these products and I have recommended them to friends. 

Have you used any of the Pixi range? Are there any products you’d recommend?


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