Thursday, 31 August 2017

7 Childish Things I Still Do

I am a fully gown adult now (almost).

I rent a flat, I pay council tax, I pay bills, I work Monday to Friday 9-5.30, I’m in a long term relationship, I plan my own holidays, I keep two ferrets alive, I cook meals, I keep up with politics, I do my laundry, I pay my own phone bill…

I’m not saying you have to do each of these things to be classed as an adult or that this is an exhaustive list, but surely I get adult points for some of them.

That being said there are still plenty of times in my life that I feel like I am still a lost child at a theme park. Yeah, that happened to me one time. 

Here are 7 childish things I still do…

1. Get scared speaking on the phone

I worked in customer service for a year where I took about 60/70 calls a day yet I still get heart palpations whenever I have to call anyone. Things like Uber and Just Eat are a absolute life saver, minimum human interaction but maximum satisfaction.

2. Slam doors

Okay so this one is really bad. I know I shouldn’t do it, it’s awful, but sometimes when I am really angry I slam my door like Lindsay Lohan in Freaky Friday. Every time I do it I can hear my dad’s voice shouting ‘don’t you slam MY doors’ and I feel incredibly guilty.

3. Get scared of the under the bed monster

No matter how much I convince myself that ghosts doing exist in the broad delight, come nighttime all my childhood fears creep back into my brain. No way in hell is any part of me dangling over the side of the bed.

4. Finish all the main so I can have dessert

Well this is one thing I wish would not have stuck. The parents enforced into us that we have to eat all of the main before we can move onto dessert. I am still in the midst of unlearning these rules and training myself that just because it’s on my plate it doesn’t mean I have to finish it!

5. Eat so many sweets that I feel sick

I think the only difference between me being a child and me being an adult is that I can now afford to buy lots more sweets.

6. Hope an adult will fix things

I know this one has been used on so many lists, but I still will look around for an adult when things are going wrong. Then comes the crippling realisation that I am the adult and it’s all on me to fix things.

7. Follow cats around

When I was a little girl and someone took me out my mum had to tell them ‘watch out for her, she will stop to stroke cats’. I would be walking side by side with my mum then see a cat and wander off without saying a word, it led to many moments of panic for my poor mother. Yeah I still do that, I even ended up queueing up to stroke a cat a few months ago…

So those are a few childish things I still do. My boyfriend will tell you there’s many more but he’s just being silly of course, hem. 

I think the older you get the more you realise that being an adult doesn’t exist, not the kind of adult you imagined as a child anyway. They all seemed to have it so together and they knew the answers to everything, well that was all lies wasn’t it! Anyways, who wants to grow up, let’s just Peter Pan our way through life.

What childish things do you still do?

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  1. It's scary how many of your 7 childish things I can identify with.
    I cringe at having to call people on the phone and may have felt some fear of the under-the-bed monster once in a while. I'm staring to get over the finish the main first, although I always finish it. It's just that sometimes I start with desert. When I was young I promised myself I'd never grow up (Peter Pan) - now I too am desperate for a grown-up to fix things.
    I admit I still use a pen to draw in funny alterations to the photos of people in the newspaper that I don't like - and write in snarky captions :D


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