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Netflix: 5 British Shows To Binge Watch Right Now

I am actually surprised it has taken me this long to write a post on Netflix.

Netflix is my life. I love Netflix. If I could, I’d probably chuck on a gown and say ‘I do’ in front of a collection of my closest friends and family. 

I am always on the look out for new shows and movies, so I thought I would start writing some posts on things I have loved watching.

I have been watching a lot of British TV shows lately so I’ll start my potential Netflix series of posts on them.

Getting On

I did not know Jo Brand had made a TV show! Probably because I don’t have normal TV, I literally just watch Netflix.

But I am so glad I discovered this show.

It is written by and stars Jo Brand, Vicki Pepperdine and Joanna Scanlan and has a total of three series.

It’s a brilliantly satirical sitcom that follows staff working for the NHS on the extended care unit.

Kim Wilde (Jo Brand) is a return to work nurse and a no-nonsense, don’t beat around the bush kind of woman. She is immediately managed by Denise Flixter (Joanna Scanlan) who is often finding ways to get out of doing the hard work, in between dating the male matron Hilary Loftus (Ricky Grover). Hilary is a confused soul, as well as being an annoying jobs-worth. They are regularly joined by Dr Pippa Moore (Vicki Pepperdine) the consultant on the ward. She’s extremely talented but lacks a lot of social skills and is rather self centred.

The show is very satirical and a bit of a dark comedy, I think one of the opening scenes in the first episode involves Kim and Den eating the sweets of a just deceased patient. 

I showed this show to my mum, who work for the NHS herself, and she’s assured me it’s very real to life. I guess you can expect this given that Jo herself was once a nurse. 

I watched all three seasons within 2 days, I couldn’t stop! 

Big School

I have only just started this but I can tell it’s gonna be one I blast through pretty quickly.

As you can imaging by the title it is set at a school, with a whole bunch of dysfunctional teachers. Amongst them is the socially inept Mr Keith Church (David Walliams) who falls for a self-important Miss Sarah Postern (Katherine Tate), the new French teacher.

Like I said, I am only a few episodes in but I already enjoy the characters and the cringe-worthy story lines.


I’ve just realised that most of the ones on my list are comedies. This is probably because when I am writing my blogs I like to put on easy-watching shows in the background, ones that I can come in and out of watching.

Luther is not a comedy, although it does have its funny moments.

Basically Idris Elba play Luther, a Detective Chief Inspector for the serious crime unit. Luther is not a truly imaginative and unique character, he is a hardworking cop who sometimes bends the rules to get the best results. We've seen this played before.

But Idris Elba is incredible and the dark storylines are instantly addictive. I am usually shouting at my television and literally sat on the edge of the seat. 

That Mitchell and Webb Look

I used to watch this when it was on television, so I am more than happy it has made the move to Netflix.

It is one of my favourite sketch shows and stars the hilarious duo David Mitchell and Robert Webb. 

There are quite a few regular sketches, as well as some one-offs.

My favourite recurring sketch has to be Number Wang, a seemingly illogical and impossible TV game show, where the contestants have to shout out numbers until the host confirms they have got ‘numberwang’.

Then there’s the behind-the-scenes sketches, where Mitchell and Webb  play themselves, usually on a ‘break’ between filming. It usually ends with them involved in a heated debate.


I’m just gonna throw it out there, I think this is my favourite from the whole list. I am addicted.

The series starts with Ken (played by Greg Davis) and his family awaiting the return of their daughter, who has been travelling on her gap year. When they pick her up from the airport they’re surprised to discover she has brought back with her a husband! A zany, far out hippy guy named ‘Cuckoo’ (played by Andy Samberg). 

Lots of hilarity ensues, as I am sure you can imagine, with the dad and Cuckoo regularly disagreeing. 

The cast is amazing, each one bringing their own unique comedy to the table. From series two onwards they are joined by Taylor Lautner (Team Jacob) who plays Cuckoo’s son. I was a bit unsure of his character at first but I actually think I prefer him to Cuckoo now. 

I am left laughing my head off after every episode, many times there are even tears of laughter. 

I’m struggling to think of a box to put it in, as it’s different from other British TV comedies I have watched. please just give it a watch and you will fall in love too!

What have you been watching and loving lately? Please leave some recommendations in the comments below, I'm always on the lookout for something new!


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