Sunday, 16 July 2017

Body Confidence At The Beach

Holidays are what keep me going throughout the year.

I need to have one booked so I have something to look forward to, they get me through the stressful days!

I usually go on city breaks, which involve a lot of running around busy city centres trying to find lots of cool places to eat and drink. No swimwear needed.

In the past year I have gone on a couple of beach holidays. At the end of last year I went to Cuba, and more recently I went to Croatia. Both of these obviously required swimwear, so naturally I had a little freak out.

I had always worn bikinis cos they were the ‘in’ thing, I am beyond happy swimming costumes are back in fashion now! I was happy to discover there were so many different options out there, rather than just the sporty ones. 

If I am going to have any sort of confidence at the beach then I have to choose a swimming costume that I love and feel comfortable in. This is very important!

I spent a good few hours trawling the Internet and I found a couple that are a little more than I’d look to pay, but an extra £10/20 is worth it to feel a bit more confident on the beach.

What also gives me confidence at the beach is other women. When I stopped focusing on myself and worrying what people were thinking about me, I noticed there were so many different looking women all rocking swimwear.

If they didn’t care what other people thought about them, then I wasn’t going to either.

There are still moments when I feel a little self conscious but I try focus on relaxing, having fun and pushing all other worries out of my mind.

What helps you to feel confident at the beach? Any tips or tricks?


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