Wednesday, 19 July 2017

36 Hours In Prague

I only had a fleeting visit in Prague as part of my Europe trip, two nights in total but around 36 hours altogether.

Before I got there I was told that Prague was beautiful, but you also didn’t need to spend more than 2 nights there. As I was trying to see as many places as possible I decided to follow peoples 2-night advice.

First of all, Prague is really beautiful. Like, really beautiful. it’s cultural and historical, there’s something pretty to look at everywhere you turn.

I stayed at an Air BNB, just a short walk away from the old town. The first night there I headed straight for old town to see some sights and soak up the atmosphere.

Prague is known for being fairly cheap, but obviously old town is a little pricier than other areas. There are so many bars and restaurants around, I sat down for pizza just a little walk away from Charles bridge. I swear I ate so much pizza this holiday I vowed to not eat it again for months, in reality I actually only resisted for like 2 weeks.

The next day we tried to fit in as many site seeing as possible. 

The first stop was breakfast. I have already written a post dedicated to the glorious pancakes we ate at De Noc. Seriously, they were so delicious you have to stop by and get some.

After we were full with sugary goodness we walked up to Prague castle, which takes around 30 minutes from the old town. It’s a bit uphill so you may get a bit out of breath if you’re as fit as me. But on the walk you get to see some pretty good views of the city, layered with oranges tiled roofs.

Once you’re up there you can get into the castle grounds for free, but it seems you have to pay to get inside everywhere else. We decided to pay to go up to the top of the bell tower, that way we could get a better view of the city and it was also one of the cheapest things to do.

There was like 280 steps (more climbing!) but the views were pretty breathtaking, definitely worth the climb.

Walking back from the castle to the old town we made a couple of stops, checking in on some sites. My favourite was Lennon’s wall, filled by inspirational graffiti and pieces of lyrics from Beatle’s songs. 

We also stopped as some more historical sites, such as the Infant Statue of Jesus, Charles Bridge and the astronomical clock. 

After a day of sight seeing, and a quick rest and relaxation break at the apartment, we headed out to the new(?) town for food and drink. It’s a lot more affordable than the old town, but it still has lots of lively bars and restaurants. they’re just a bit more scattered around.

So that’s about everything I got up to in my short stay in Prague. It is just one of those cities where it is fun to get lost in.

Have you been to Prague before? Where’s next on your travel list?


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