Saturday, 15 July 2017

25 Things That Happen To You In Your Mid-Twenties

1. Apparently you need to get credit cards to get good credit rating to get a mortgage. It may be flawed logic but that’s how it is. You’ll now spend your time comparing credit cards, 24 months interest free you say…

2. You’ll start to dress sensibly. Gone are the days of going out in the middle of winter in teeny tiny dresses, no tights and no jacket. You’ll now look at other girls with nothing on and say things like “she must be ab-so-lutely freezing!” 

3. Do you know those long locks of yours that you swore you would never get rid off? You’ll suddenly get the urge to chop them off and get a bob.

4. Everyone around you will not only pair up, they will also decide they want to send the rest of their life together. Your summers will be jam packed with weddings.

5. Everything will start to ache a bit more. You’ve not fallen over or injured yourself, you just start to ache. 

6. Because your body aches so much, you’ll start to want to look after it more. You will start to exercise and actually enjoy it.

7. You’ll get so excited to buy homeware! Trips to IKEA become the highlight of your weekend. And thank god Primark has seriously started to pad out it’s homeware section.

8. You’ll start to become really tired all of the time. As soon as you wake up you will look forward to going back to bed again. 

9. You’ll also start to drink at nicer places. Going to the student bar and getting £1.50 snakey b’s was good and all, but you’ll now prefer to pay a little bit more to get something a lot nicer. 

10. Everyone under the age of 20 is a youth and you will refer to them as such.

11. You’ll find yourself sat in a bar saying “do they have to play the music so loud???” What’s wrong with adequate seating and reasonable noise levels anyway?

12. You’ll start to worry about what will happen after you retire. Suddenly it doesn’t seem so far away. You may not start a proper pension just yet but you’ll give it some serious consideration.

13. You’ll start looking at the macronutrients on food packaging more and try to make some healthy swaps. At least during the working week, come the weekend calories don’t exist.

14. Staying home will begin to sound like a much better option than going out to overcrowded clubs for overpriced drinks. But when you do go out you’ll just hit it that much harder!

15. No matter how organised you are, there will just not be enough hours in the day or days in the week. It will now take at least a month of planning just to meet up with friends.

16. You’ll start to grudgingly put money into savings.

17. Remember when you could drink 5 nights in a row and feel fresh as a daisy? Now a hangover will leave you sofa bound for a whole day, eating junk food and craving attention.

18. You’ll realise that just because you’re technically an adult, it doesn’t mean you know what you want to do with the rest of your life. 

19. Everyone around you will start to buy property, pushing you into starting a help-to-buy ISA.

20. You’ll start to care less what other people think of you. This is especially true on the dance floor, where you’ll break out some of your best shapes.

21. Netflix will be your new best friend.

22. You’ll become actively interested in politics and world events, but then become so depressed you’ll have to look at cute animals on YouTube.

23. You’re earning more so you’ll be able to travel to more exotic places and stay in fancier accommodation.

24. People will start popping out babies left, right and centre. 

25. You’ll begin to really, really love Gin.


  1. I miss my mid-twenties - I miss being in excellent physical shape and not getting tired -
    but I don't miss: 1.) the struggling to get credit or 17.) drinking and hangovers;
    As for 5.) everything aching more ... welcome to my world...
    But I too have come to love 21.) NetFlix when they get things on that I love to watch,
    and often binge-watch and watch things multiple times
    I got past 25.) and stopped drinking while I still had a liver...
    Enjoy the rest of your twenties - it's a wonderful age -
    and best of luck to you with all of your future endeavours!


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