Saturday, 24 June 2017

Pancakes in Prague

So you’ve booked your flights and found the perfect place to stay that is 5 minutes away from everything. You’ve logged many hours on ASOS, found the perfect holiday outfits and packed them up. You’ve arranged your airport transfers. You’ve made many lists of where to go, what to see and what to do. You’ve got everything pretty much planned. Or have you? Have you made one of the most important decision of all?

I am of course talking about where to eat pancakes. Okay so sure, pancakes may not be the first thing that comes to mind when people picture Prague. They may think of Prague Castle, Charles bridge, Lennon’s Wall. But pancakes are important too!

Every time I go away somewhere I look up good places to eat. Not only does it prevent a lot of h-angry conversations, as fun as they are, but it also means I end up eating lots and lots of delicious food. And isn’t that what going on holiday is all about? Give me some sun, sights, good food and drinks outside and I am one happy holiday go-er. 

So the must-go place I found in Prague was Den Noc, a beautiful bistro and wine bar. That’s right, the best of both worlds. According to the website two young people bonded over their almost equal interests. One likes baking and cooking, while the other likes wine. So by day it sells delicious food while by night it also sells delicious food but accompanied by wine. 

We went in the morning for breakfast. I am not normally a pancake person but I had a real craving for them on holiday. They sell lots of different savoury and sweet options, but obviously I went for sweet. I don’t so much have a sweet tooth as a full set of sweet teeth. Surprisingly I did not go for the chocolate. I was going through a jam phase so I chose the jam and cream. They came in a neat stack, the kind I try and completely fail to recreate every pancake day (how do they do it?), and they were as delicious as they looked! The boyfriend went for a pancake with Haagen-Dasz ice cream, fruit, apple chutney and nuts and he swore they were delicious too.

So if you’re heading to Prague then sure, look up all the beautiful sites to see. Find all the beautiful places to go. Make sure you’ve noted down all the cool bars. But please, if you want to have any fun at all, then think pancakes and head to Den Noc. They also make a mean hot chocolate!


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