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My Podcast List || July 2017

I think this time last year I hadn’t even listened to a podcast all the way through. I knew they were out there and people were getting into them big time but I completely missed the start of the craze. Well I am now eagerly making up for lost time. They are perfect for my commute to work when the tram is too packed to dig my book out of my bag or I need both hands to stop myself falling into people! I’ve even started listening to them at work instead of Spotify. They’re also ideal for making train journeys go quicker, particularly hungover train journeys where you need to rest your eyes for a bit.

I’ve been trying to branch out and listen to some different podcasts lately, and I’ve found a few good ones. So I thought I’d write them up in a list and share them with you! 


If you’ve been in the podcast world for any amount of time then there is a high chance that you have already heard about Serial. Think ‘Making A Murderer’ meets a microphone. There are now two series but I have only listened to the first one, both follow different stories. It’s a documentary based on a high school girl who goes missing in the 90s. The finger points to her ex-boyfriend who is adamant of his innocence. Is he guilty? You’ll have to listen to make up your own mind. I found the whole story scary, shocking and unbelievably unfair. It provided a somewhat horrifying glimpse into the American judiciary system. Please listen and let me know your thoughts!


S-Town begins in a similar fashion as Serial. A man named John McLemore, gets in touch with the podcasting people asking them to come to his town to investigate a murder. John is not a fan of his home town, coining it s**t town. He believes he not only knows who the murderer is, but that the murderer has gone around town bragging about what he has done. But the podcast soon takes a twist when another person ends up dead. I found John’s story truly fascinating and almost mesmerising. It’s really difficult to say why without giving too many things away, but I guess what it really drove home for me is that you really shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

My Dad Wrote A Porno

Well this is pretty much exactly what it says on the tin, except he wrote an erotic novel. Jamie Morton's dad wrote himself an erotic novel, which is available on Amazon if you’re wondering. Instead of hiding in shame and denying any relation like most of us might do, Jamie decided to take to the microphone and share his dads stories with literally millions of people! Boasting over 50 million downloads this is a podcast not to be missed. It had me actually laughing out loud throughout the entire thing, which looked a little weird when I was sat on a tram on my own on a Monday morning. Jamie reads the story a chapter per podcast with his two friends James Cooper and Alice Levine, who both offer witty and hilarious interjections. I became weirdly hooked on Belinda Blinked (the title of the erotic novel) and was a little lost when I finished the series. The third series started while I was on holiday and I cannot wait to have a binge and delve back into Belinda’s weird world.

Distraction Pieces with Scroobius Pip

I got introduced to Scroobius Pip at university and I quickly grew to love his work. I have CDs, I’ve been to see him live twice and now I’ve started on his podcast ‘Distraction pieces’. Scroobius Pip is a spoken word poet and hip-hop artist, if you haven’t already go listen to his music (one of my favourite lines is ‘you see a mouse trap, I see free cheese and a fucking challenge’ from the song Introdiction). But back to the podcast. So every week he chats to guests, some of them well known like Simon Pegg, James McAvoy and Russell Brand, as well as some lesser known people. I think the first one I listened to was the Jams McAvoy episode, which involved a thought provoking conversation on Disassociation Identity Disorder. 

This Paranormal Life

When my boyfriend showed me this I was really unsure that it would be something I would enjoy. Basically it is two guys, Rory Powers and Kit Grier, who are answering the big questions out there - is Big foot real? Did the lost city of Atlantis exist? Is there really a giant wizard frog? The questions on everybody's lips! Not only do I like it, i love it. The banter between the two is brilliant. They’re both witty and effortlessly bounce off each other. To put it simply, it’s hilarious. This is another podcast that has me laughing out loud on public transport. Seriously, people are going to start thinking I have a problem, I have got many funny looks! They approach the paranormal stories with open minds but also with reasonable scrutiny. But don’t be surprised if you find yourself believing some of them exist! 

So those are the podcasts I have been listening to lately. Have you listened to any of them yet? If you have some suggestions for other podcasts then I would love to hear as I am really racing through them at an alarming rate! Let me know in the comment section below.

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