Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Summer Nails By Rimmel London

Once the weather brightens up I crawl out from the duvet fortress I have been hibernating in all winter and start preparing for all of the summer activities. My wardrobe gets a big revamp. I pack away all of the thick jumpers and knitted dresses and replace them with my bright patterned dresses and basically anything denim. I love all of the colours spring/summer colours from the soft pastel shades to the in your face neon colours. 

And it’s not just my clothes that get a revamp. One of the things I look forward to is picking up new nail varnishes. Over winter I have more greys and dark reds, but I like to brighten it up over Summer. One brand of nail varnish I have been loving over the past few months are the Rimmel gels. I’m pretty sure I have talked about them in previous posts. They just last so long. And I am someone who always absentmindedly tries to bite my nails. So nail varnish for me doesn’t usually last too long. But the gel ones are so bloody durable, I am majorly impressed.

The three shades you can see above are some of my go-to faves over summer. I love pale blues and bright oranges. the pale purple was actually a new pick. They are called Dive Right In, Coral Queen and Purple Splash. To be honest I am not too sure about the Purple Splash shade yet, I have only worn it once so far but I’m not sure if it suited me. But I love the other two and I’ve worn them a fair few times. If you don’t know anything about the Rimmel Gel collection then you basically put on a colour which are labelled step 1 and then you put on a top coat which is labelled step 2. This second step helps it to last a bit longer.


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