Sunday, 28 May 2017

My Recipe For The Perfect Night In Alone

Add a spoonful of magic, a dash of fun and a sprinkle of hope…n’ah I’, just playing ya. 

As I said in my previous post I am trying to have more alcohol free weekends. Consequently I am spending more evenings at home. I would say I am somewhere between a fun loving millennial ready to hit the town and a twenty-something grandparent ready to put my feet up and fall asleep on the sofa. One side of me really enjoys getting all glammed up and going out with the girls or raving at a drum and bass night until 6 in the morning. But there’s another side that wants nothing more than to binge watch Netflix and order a large dominos.

So on the ever increasing days where I want to spend a night in, there are a few go to moves I like to pull to woo myself.

Tidy Up

Okay so this one may not sound too much fun. But if I am to relax properly then I am going to have to do it in a clean and tidy environment. My lazy option is just cleaning the room I will be spending my time in, usually the living room or bedroom. A tidy house is a tidy mind.

Lush Bath

Is there anything more relaxing than lighting up a bunch of candles, grabbing a book or magazine and climbing into a steamy hot Lush bath. I can just feel the aches and pains drifting away, leaving me in a blissful semi-comatose state. I have always been a big bath lover but these days I mostly have showers because they’re a lot quicker. So I like to treat myself to a Lush bath bomb on the rare occasion I do fill up the tub. I really need to start making more time for baths, they’re so soothing!


This is an optional step for me, I don’t always do it. But if I am feeling in one of this moods then I will give myself a little TLC. This usually includes face masks, cleansing, toning, moisturising and painting both sets of nails while copied up in my bath robe.


I cannot have a night in without switching into my favourite comfies. These may be a cute pair of pyjamas (I have a serious pyjama obsession) or that baggy old t-shirt I got 10 years ago and some unflattering but oh-so-comfotable joggers. I’ll also throw on my fluffy dressing gown if it’s a little chilly or I want to feel extra snug.

All Of The Food

What is on the table can vary depending on how healthy I am being at the time. If I am on a health kick then I will chop up some cucumber and pitta to have with some dip. If I am in an indulgent mood then I will probably order a dominos delivery (even though the closest dominos is only a 5 minute walk away!) and have some form of chocolate as a sweet treat. Sometimes I have a glass of wine or a gin as well but that’s quite rare, it’s usually just diet coke with ice. Or full fat coke if I’m feeling naughty. 

Setting The Mood

I like to pull out all the big stops for myself. The big bright light is turned off and replaced by dim twinkling fairy lights. My dad recently bought me so many tea light holders after I said I was jealous of his crazy collection. The man has so many! So now I also light up dozen or so candles. I also like to make sure I have lots of blankets nearby because I like the feeling of being wrapped up in something, even when I’m hot already.


If only I could complete a degree in binge-watching TV series, I would literally fly through it. I can so easily not move and watch 10 episodes of something in a row. There’s something so satisfying about fully immersing yourself into another world for a long stretch of time. I am also a big movie fan. I grew up in a fairly small town where there wasn’t much to do so we went to the cinema a lot! I have seen so many films and yet the to-watch list seems to keep growing.


I usually end up falling asleep on the sofa, which is fine by me. When I am that tired I’ll sleep just about anywhere. But my two ferrets have their cage in the living room and they can be noisy buggers, so I tend to wake up and stumble towards my bed. One of the best things about having a relaxing night in is you wake up the next day feeling so refreshed and ready to take on the world.

Those are the things I most often do when I plan a big night in for myself. I am really enjoying spending more time at home, it’s helping me to save money (which means more clothes) as well as helping my anxiety. What do you like to do on your nights in?



  1. This sounds like the perfect night in! Nothing better than having a pamper, getting in your comfies and watching a film :)

    1. Nothing indeed! We're getting so old now haha xx


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