Wednesday, 24 May 2017

My Opinion On L'Oreal Clay Masks

I remember when I was younger and a face mask consisted of the 99p single use packs from Superdrug or Home Bargains. I’m not sure if they did any good but didn’t they smell good! And you felt super grown up using them. What I love about face masks these days is you get them in a fancy glass container and they actually last several uses. Sure, they can be a little more pricey but hopefully they’re actually having a more positive impact than the 99p ones. I have been using these L’Oreal clay masks for quite a few weeks now, alongside my everyday skincare products, so i thought it was time to write a post on them. 

Firstly I will talk about the Pure Clay Detox Mask. This one has a really thick and creamy texture so you don’t need to apply liberal amounts to cover your face. This is a bonus as it means it will last longer! L’Oreal have combined three clays with charcoal which is apparently known to act like a magnet to draw impurities out. The three clays are Koalin, Montmorillonite and Ghassoul and they all seem to have some properties that remove impurities. 

Within a few minute of applying I begin to feel my skin tighten as it fairly quickly dries, depending how much you whack on. I have quite sensitive skin which starts to get a little itchy after 5 minutes of use, so I never leave it on too long. To be fair I think you’re only supposed to leave it on for five minutes. My pores are quite big in my t-zone and recently they looked to clogged up, so I was really hoping this would help. My pores do appear noticeably clearer, not fully clear but a lot better. What I really like about this product is it that my skin actually feels like it has had a deep clean afterwards, rather than just being soft to the touch which even cheap face masks can accomplish. 

Okay so onto the Pure Clay Glow Mask. I am obsessed with making my skin look glowing right now. Judging by social media I am not alone in this. I actually bought these two separately, I was quite impressed with the detox mask so I went back and picked up this one too. This one has more of an exfoliating texture, more beaded. It has the same three clays as the Detox mask but is combined with red algae extract, apparently know for it’s brightening properties. The Glow mask exfoliates the skin which helps to give it a glowing texture. I do actually notice my skin looks more glowing, bright an refreshed after using it. It’s sort of like a healthy holiday glow. 

Bottom line is, I would recommend these products, they have worked as they said on my skin so I am happy with them. I’m pretty sure they have a third clay mask out. I don’t know what it’s supposed to but I will for sure be buying it and giving it a go! Have you tried any of the range? Or do you use any other clay masks?



  1. I have only tried the detox mask so far and I LOVE it - it's quickly become one of my favourites and is almost empty! I need to try the glow mask now, that sounds great!

    1. the detox one is sooo good! But i think I prefer the glow cos I'm all about the glow ate the minute :) xx


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