Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Just A Bit Of Ferret Love

I wanted to share some interesting facts about ferrets, as well as some cute pictures I took recently. Who doesn’t love cute animal pictures? Now I am well aware that ferrets are a bit of an unusual choice of pet and some of you may be wondering why the hell I chose ferrets. I chose them quite simply because of one movie - Along Came Polly. Jennifer Aniston’s character had a cute chubby ferret called Rodolfo who wore a knitted jumper and I immediately fell in love. Fast forward many years and I am now a ferret mother to two cute little fur babies named Fudge & Brownie.

The upkeep of a ferret is extremely cheap. So much cheaper than most common pets like cats and dogs. We usually order a big pack of ferret nuggets and litter online for around £10 each and they last a couple of months. As I said, cheap cheap cheap. Obviously there are some starter costs such as a cage and bedding etc. I have a 3 storey cage for my boys. Ferrets are a lot bigger than hamsters so I feel like they need a bit more space. They have their bedding and toys on the top storey, their food and more toys on the middle storey and the bottom storey is dedicated purely to poop and wee. Ferrets are clean creatures by nature and like to keep their mess away from where they sleep.

So what are they like as pets? Well, they are extremely entertaining and sociable. By the way, these are not the first ferrets I have had. My first ferret was called Jay Jay and he was the most amazing first pet I could ever have hoped for (not counting family pets). I got him in my second year of university and it was me and him against the world for a long time (until I moved in with my boyfriend), so we were very close. Sadly he passed away in 2015 and after some time we ended up getting two new ferrets. Now I am telling you this story as I would like to highlight that each ferret is so very different. JayJay was my little bosom buddy, he seriously loved me so much and would give me kisses and cuddles all of the time.  He was quite a softy. My new ferrets are a lot more feisty and I’m more likely to get a bite from them than a kiss. I’m not sure if it’s because there is two of them so they are more used to biting each other or maybe it is just their different temperaments. They mostly just bite because they want to play, and sometimes it seems like they do it just for the hell of it. My point is, just like snowflakes, no two ferrets are the same. Their personalities vary so much. Even the two brothers I have now vary so much. We have little slinky Fudge who is constantly running here and there and causing endless amounts of mischief. He has a fascination for leather and is always stealing shoes or the boyfriends wallet. Meanwhile Brownie is a big old lazy lump who likes to find places to sit and stare for a while. He also really enjoys being pulled around on a towel (probably because he's gets to move with zero effort).

The name ferrets comes from the Latin furonem, which means “little thief”. Well they most certainly live up to this name. As I have said Fudge loves to steal the boyfriends wallet, he does it at least once a week and stashes it behind the television. As well as wallets they like to steal and hide shoes. I have spent so long looking for a pair of shoes before only to find one behind the armchair and one behind the television, so much fun when you need to make your tram! They are also know for being trouble makers. They just love doing what they know is wrong, which is really hard when you’re trying to teach them right from the wrong. The more you tell them off the more they do something. Sometimes I have found it is best to ignore them until they get bored and stop doing the naughty thing. Another fun fact about ferrets is they like to sleep. Like, a lot. The typical ferret seep between 14 and 18 hours a day! They have it so good. 

We have lots of different bedding for them including hammocks, pouches and blankets. Ferrets get bored easily so we mix their bedding and toys up twice a week. Also, as you may already know they can have a bit of a smell so changing their bedding regularly helps to tone this down. They also love to squeeze into tight spaces and run through tunnels. If you are thinking of getting a ferret I would recommend ferret proofing your flat/house. You may look around and think it’s OK, but it’s probably not. They get into everything! Leave nothing on the floor that doesn’t have to be there and make sure all holes are sealed up. Trust me, you have more holes in your house than you realise! I have spent many an evening trying to coax a ferret out from underneath the floorboards.

You can have them neutered. I had my first ferret neutered way back when, but our vet informed us that there is new evidence of this being harmful for the boys. So the alternative now is to have a hormone transplant injected into them, which I think has to be refreshed every two years. The benefits for this are two-fold. Firstly, it calms them way down. When they are full of testosterone they can bite a lot harder and more frequently. After the implant this reduces it to a bit of nipping. It also helps to get rid of the spraying smell. I have not owned a female ferret before so I am not entirely sure on the best options for them. What I do know from QI is that if the female ferret does not have sex in one year then she will die. This is due to the oestrogen building up to harmful levels. I mean, what a chat up line that would be! So if you have a female ferret you’ll have to either find her a special friend or get her neutered.

I am actually going to wrap up this post now. It was only supposed to be a spontaneous quick post, but as you can tell I really love ferrets so I could talk about them forever. Sorry if some of the pictures are a bit blurry but ferrets just move so much and so quickly, they're aways on a mission! I highly recommend them as a pet, as long as you are sure you can give them the attention you need. They are inquisitive, sociable, entertaining and absolutely hilarious to watch. Have you ever had any unusual pets before? I’d love to hear about them. Please comment below if you have or would like to one day. Or if you have any more questions about ferrets.

Oh, and they are absolutely fabulous sleepers! If you want to see some examples of the amazing positions they twist themselves into then check out my Instagram i created for them called FudgeBrownieFerrets



  1. These are the cutest little things! My gran used to keep ferrets & they're such social animals, they make brilliant pets. Love the pics of them in the long grass!! Total cuteness.

    1. Awww thank you! They are adorable but boy are they mischief makers! Oh did she? they really are quite social, ore so than you might initially think. xx

  2. You brighten up my day with your post! I would love to read a whole series about your boys! Honestly it is so refreshing reading something that not only entertains but also educates. Much love, Iga www.igaberry.com

    1. That's so sweet, I'm glad it's brightened up your day! Thank you very much 😘 I might do a ferret update in the near future Xxxxx


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