Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Happy Scoops - Twitter Edition || April 2017

Twitter. A continuous stream of thoughts on just about every single topic under the sun. It’s the go to place for instant reactions on current affairs as well as being the place where the shiny happy people of Instagram share their real life darker thoughts. As with any social media platform there can be a lot of negativity. There’s people making pointed statuses, people wanting to ‘name and shame’ others and people publicly arguing….all while simultaneously preaching how we should judge no one and love everyone. Contradicting and confusing to say the least. And while it may be easy to start to view the view the world through harsh glasses after a quick scroll, there are a lot of diamonds amongst the rubble.

Scrolling through Twitter last month I noticed many positive tweets. The negative comments tend to get the most like and shares, so it can be easy to miss the positive ones. But they are there. And for the most part my Twitter feed is actually full of positivity. This can something as simple as a small bit of encouragement or offering to privately talk through DM when someone is struggling. What’s really lovely about a lot of these tweets is that they’re often from one stranger to another.

The point of this series is to try and spread a it of cheer in a less than cheerful world. There have been many times when I have almost taken to Twitter to grumble about something, or almost replied to someones rude comment. It can be hard to resist, especially with the Piers Morgans of the world. But I want my little space on the internet to be a happy space. Below are some screenshots I have taken in the past few weeks. What positive things have you seen on Twitter lately? Or in your life in general? 


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