Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Embroidery Dreams From Primark

Can we just talk about the embroidery trend for a minute? I don’t usually follow trends for the sake of following trends, I’ll only buy something if I genuinely like it. But I genuinely like, nay, love this trend. I think there’s something so nostalgic about embroidery. I swear when I was 6 at least 50% of my denim pieces contained some form of embroidery.

I am loving that so many of the 90s trends are coming back into fashion too. I’m talking patchwork, mesh, cami dresses, badges, basically all of the good stuff. If you were alive back in the 90s then I am sure you’re feeling all of the nostalgia too. I wanna go home and play sonic the hedgehog on the sega megadrive while sipping on some sunny d. If you weren’t then you missed a hell of a decade. Our days were spent playing in the park, deciding which Spice Girl we wanted to be, making up dance routines, listening to Dr Jones and Barbie Girl, watching SMTV live on a Saturday morning, pulling our baby teeth out chewing on wham bars, learning life lesson from Beaker and hoping desperately for our aliens to have babies (I am going to have to stop here otherwise it will turn into a post dedicated to my love of the 90’s - new blog post idea!). But hey, at least the fashion is making a re-appearance. I am one stop away from dressing like season one Fresh Prince.

I am going on holiday soon and I needed to pick up a few pieces so I made the obligatory pre-holiday trip to Primark. I was in there just looking for a few plain tops to tuck into some very outrageous yet fabulous printed shorts and trousers when suddenly my basket was full. Always the way isn’t it? Amongst the small mountain of clothes were some dreamy embroidery pieces.

I just keep on adding to my stripy top collection and I don’t see myself slowing down any time soon. There is definitely no such thing as owning too many stripy tops. I particularly love navy and white striped tops, I must have like 5 of them. The embroidery rose on this one adds a pretty and girly touch. It also really reminds me of Beauty and the Beast which is always a bonus (that film was incredible, am I right?). 

Embroidery on clothes is brilliant but embroidery on accessories is next level. There is a girl I vaguely know who has an embroidery handbag and I have been jealously eyeing it up for a while. So when I saw this  handbag in Primark I popped it straight into the shopping bag. The pastel pink shade of the actual bag is very season appropriate. I also love the pastel purple and green shades of the embroidery flowers. It’s gonna be a good way to brighten up an outfit. Same with the shoes.
I always stock up on white and black pumps from Primark each year (yeah they usually fall apart but they’re so cheap and cheerful). The embroidery is adding a little twist to this years.

So what trends from the 90s are you loving? Have you found any good embroidery pieces? 


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