Thursday, 20 April 2017

My L'Oreal True Match

Although I love having ginger hair it does come with some setbacks. One of them is having paler skin than the majority of the population. I don’t mind having paler skin but it does make it difficult to find foundation that matches my skin tone. I have had to choose between going a few shades darker and looking like an orange, or going a few shades lighter and looking like a vampire. There was no in-between. Enter the L’Oreal True Match range, also known as my saving grace. After discovering this little beaut last year I have faithfully stuck with it. I have also picked out a few other items from the L’Oreal range since then. I have told many people in my real world about how this is an amazing range so I have decided I will now tell the blogosphere.

L’Oreal Paris True Match Touch Magique Concealer - Rose Beige

I had been trialling a few different concealers but I hadn’t quite found the one. As always with my pale skin it’s difficult to find a shade that matches. This concealer has unusual packaging. There is a twist bottom that pushes the concealer up through a built in brush applicator. Although it has this built in brush I just use it to dot the concealer on to my face, then I use a foundation brush to blend it in. I was pleasantly surprised with this concealer, not having had much luck before. It gets rid of my dark circles and brightens up my eyes. As well as that it also provides good coverage on my blemishes. This has become a firm step in my daily routine.

L’Oreal Paris True Match Liquid Foundation

I like this foundation. Like, really like this foundation. Ok, I am in love with this foundation. What drew me to this range was the variety of shades. I think there are around 24 shades in total with a good few choices between pale and medium, which is where my skin tone fits in. It’s a light to medium coverage foundation that is advertised as being super bendable and able to match to the colour of your skin. The shade is perfect for me. It looks really natural, which is the look I tend to go for. This, along with the fact that it does not cost a bomb, makes it perfect for everyday use.

L’Oreal Paris Match True Match Highlight

Lately I just want to shove my face into a pile of fairy dust and fly around glowing. Until I track down tinker bell I guess I will have to settle with highlighter. One I have been trialling lately is the True Match Highlight. Impressed as I was with the first two products in this post I decided to give it a go. I chose the Icy Glow shade as it is specially made for lighter skin tones, but there is also another shade called Golden Glow. This is a liquid highlighter that I mix up between applying under my foundation and over my foundation depending on how much shine I want to come through. It’s not the most bendable but it does a good job. There’s a little face charts on the back of the product which tells you where is best for applying (I always love little touches like this). It has a nice glow and makes my skin look younger, fresher and more natural.

I have used a few of the other True Match Products, I am particularly fond of the True Match Powder, and I do want to trial out a few more. What do you think about the True Match Range? 


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