Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Kettlebell Kitchen, Manchester

In case you didn’t know I will start this post by stating that I have given up refined sugar for lent. That means no chocolate, no sauces, no ice cream…damn I miss ice cream. This has been extremely difficult as I am a sugar-a-holic, which is why I gave it up. It has also been difficult as no where in the god damn work seems to offer a decent menu that is free of refined sugar. You think you’d be safe with something like a burger but you can’t risk that the sauce isn’t hiding some sugar somewhere.

Enter Kettlebell Kitchen, a completely clean eating eatery located on Great Ancoats Street on the edge of the trendy and hipster Northern Quarter. I heard about this place some time back and have been meaning to visit when lent gave me the final push. As soon as I read on the menu it was completely refined sugar free, even the sauces, then I zoomed on over. The first thing you’ll probably notice when you enter Kettlebell Kitchen is the unique gym-like theme, with Kettlebells scattered all over. Kettlebell was started when the founder was tired of struggling to find a place to get clean takeaway food fast. Let’s face, the healthiest option I can think of is a salad bowl from subway and even then the sauces will ruin the whole refined sugar thing. 

I have to admit that I was a bit nervous before my first visit. I was worried the staff and customers would be intimidating gym goers that would immediately recognise me as a non gym person and would laugh me out the door. However this was completely unfounded. Yes the place was filled with a lot of people in lycra, and the staff were evidently people who hit the gym. But the atmosphere was quite laid back and relaxed and the staff were very friendly. Not intimidating or judgement at all. Phew! 

So now let’s discuss the menu. What really peaked my interest was the large amount of choice available. There’s a whole host of breakfast options along with burgers, wraps, pizza and chicken. There’s tea, coffee, hot chocolate and shakes. There’s even a choice of desserts! But their signature dish so to speak is the Kettlebox. So this is what I went for. There are 5 steps to the Kettlebox. Step 1 is simply to choose a size. I went for regular and found this to be more than enough. Step 2 is to choose a protein, with both meat and vegetarian options available. For step 3 you choose your base. The choices include sweet potato mash, quinoa and wholewheat pasta amongst others. Step 4 is to choose some seasonal salad, veg and nuts. I was amazed with how much selection there was and you can have a bit of everything if you wish. Finally to top it all off, step 5 is to choose a home made sauce.

The result of all this was a delicious, filling and healthy meal. If the sauces taste that good without refined sugar then I don’t know why the hell other brands feel the need to put it in. I think what Kettlebell successfully highlights is that you don’t need to have deep-fried, chemical induced food in order to have a tasty meal. And that it is possible to have fast and healthy food. So if you’re in Manchester and you want to eat out and eat clean then I suggest you head on over to Kettlebell Kitchen. I really enjoyed the meal and will be going back for another visit, I just have to try their Protein Pizza!


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